One of the frequently asked question in the internet is how to become a successful actor with no experience. Many aspiring actors get confused how to get acting gigs and the right exposure in the show business and to be sincere the process can get hectic when the going gets tougher.

However, the good news is that you can become a successful actor with no experience. Everybody has to start somewhere, the key is taking action, focus and believe in yourself since no one will give you credit when you cannot believe in what you do.

It might take time but it doesn’t matter how long as long as you know it is worth it, make the sacrifice- Naveli

Quote By Gusty Naveli

Once you have decided you want to pursue a career in acting you have to be patient, do your best and be ready to make sacrifices regardless of the role you get, give it your best.


Here are the 5 tips to become a successful actor with no experience:

  • Read and Study

When you want to kick off your career as successful actor, self-education is priceless. Reading and studying helps you familiarize with the industry and know what is required of you. There is a lot to be learnt in the acting industry and this can only be achieved through reading and studying.

Reading content about acting business, marketing and talent agents gives you the understanding of where you want to be and how to get there, through this you can formulate your own plan and join the industry knowing what to do.

  • Audition and Train constantly

Success is like a ladder and to reach the top you have to climb. The same way in acting you have to practice and keep moving to get better.

You have to know that failing is not the end of your journey and even the most successful people in this world were once rejected. By this I’m talking about the auditions, sometimes you might not impress the judges but it does not mean you are not worth it. Practice and audition for more theaters and you will eventually earn your spot.

  • Be ready to learn

This world entails more than you can ever imagine and truth be told, no one knows everything. This should be enough motivation to put you in a state ready to learn. Always keep your head low and try to take a note or two from those actors doing great in the industry.

  • Use your skill as leverage

Have you ever met someone who is good at something and wished to be associated with them? It is the same way in the acting industry, apart from your ability to act directors are interested in what else you can offer and this means something you are good at and can interest the audience.

While acting it is beneficial to portray you skill while sticking to the agenda, this helps in showing your creativity and ability to do better.

  • Focus on your marketing strategy

Despite the talent every gem needs the exposure. You need to put yourself out there with a bio explaining what you can do and why people should book you and not someone else. This is actually the hardest part and the sole reason why you need a talent agent.

How to get a talent agent?

While starting it I is hard to get an agent but your focus, skills and determination makes it possible. What you have to do is pitch to various talent agents and show them what you can. The only way to know who you are pitching to is by reading and studying as stated in our first point.

what to do to be a succesful actor

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