Did you know you can make money via Facebook Page and Groups? Apart from just sharing information and the funny memes it is possible for you to make money via Facebook Page and Groups. You don’t need any investment since you can start with 0ksh or dollar.

Over the years Facebook has grown to be one of the biggest social media platform encompassing people from various countries and background.

The first rule of business: Where people exists, needs exists and where needs exists businesses grow- Gusty Naveli

By Gusty Naveli

Once you have a platform with people i.e a Page or Group the next thing is to identify the need and create the business.

How to identify the needs in a Particular Group of People

how to make money von faceook

Various Facebook Groups and pages are created to serve a particular purpose, ie give updates on music, interaction among University students, promote a particular commodity or create awareness about a particular entity.

As an entrepreneur all you have to do is search for a group that suits your niche/product or create your page to promote it and once you have established an engagement you can start promoting the products or services. Here are the ways to establish an engagement on Facebook then make money via Facebook page and groups.

Ways to make money via Facebook Page and Groups

  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a entrepreneur’s strategy that allows a person to showcase, describe and sell his or her products to the intended audience. You can either sell your personal product or sell for a particular company.

  • Affiliate Marketing

An Affiliate is a person who sells products for a particular organization and earn via commissions. There are various companies that offer affiliate services and all you have to do is sign as an affiliate marketer ie for the case of Jumuia and Killimall in Kenya while worldwide you can opt for Amazon.

  • Group promotion

Group promotion is a way of allowing advertisers’, business people and publishers to advertise their products in your group. However this depends on the number of members in your group. Group Kenya is currently doing this and the Admins since they offer the platform. The Group currently has 2 million plus members hence a good place to market your business.

  • Consultancy

For people in the consultancy business, Facebook groups and Page offer the best platform to interact with your customers. Through the groups one can deliver the services at subsided to all the members at once.

Through the groups, the owner can also set webinars to interact with his customers’ one on one.

  • Provide Leads  

There are various companies that pay individuals to provide lead in their website and let the public know about their products. Such companies include MaxBounty and every time you generate a link the redirects them to their products you get paid.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool, in our case we shall focus on Facebook. The goal of social media marketing is to provide content that users will share with their social network to help a brand increase exposure and broaden their customer reach.

Once this happens it is possible for you to sell your products or interact with your customers hence generating revenue through sales.

To be paid all you have to do is share the links in groups or your page.

how to make money on facebook

Thank you for reading this, share to help others and leave a comment of what you think. Feel free to interact with the writer and give suggestions on FACEBOOK.


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