Have you been looking for a place to chill or spend your vacation in Kakamega County? Let’s talk of a resort, guest house or a facility that offers accommodation or probably searching for a list of top rated hotels in Kakamega County, look no more.

Last year I had the same trouble trying to locate some of the best places to hang out and this occurred to me that someone else might be looking for the same. In my attempt to answer the question, I had to make a review and this involved asking individuals and visiting some of the hotels personally.

Have you ever been to any hotel in Kakamega County?

If yes I bet some of this hotels sound familiar to you but If you haven’t then I you probably have to visit at least one. For a hotel to be classified as 5 star this generally caters across all factors including customers review and the level of services they offer.


Their services may vary from accommodation, bar and restaurant, outdoor activities to spa services not excluding children field activities and resources to enable such. Since devolution, Kakamega County has been making boss moves in terms of development and this includes a major leap in the hotel industry and now you can never miss a place to grab a bite or lay your head in this county.

List of Top Rated hotels in Kakamega County

  • Golf Hotel Kakamega

Golf Hotel is located in a plush area of Kakamega town next to Golf Course and is just a short distance from Kakamega Forest. It is among the top 5 star rated hotel in the county and offers the following services: Accommodation, laundry, swimming, wedding ground, children playing ground, conference halls, free Wi-Fi and outside catering. Here guests get the opportunity of playing Golf courtesy of the hotel.

  • Eagles heaven hotel Kakamega

The hotel is located 14km from Kakamega forest and offers the following: Bar and restaurant, accommodation, Free Wi-Fi, Maid services and 24 hour front desk reception.

  • Western Star Hotel

Western Star hotel is located in Kakamega town off Mumias road opposite Kakamega primary School. It is short distance from Kakamega forest and offers the following services:  Trip to kakamega forest, lounge services, restaurant, bar, conference facilities, and accommodation.

  • Jamindas Paradise Motel
jamindas hotel kakamega

Jamindas Motel is located 19 km from Kakamega Forest and offers the following services:  guestrooms, bar/lounge, housekeeping, recreational garden, laundry services, picnic area, barbecue grills, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi and parking.

  • Rondo Retreat, Kakamega

Rondo retreat is a Christian-run hotel in Kakamega, the sanctuary is famously known for it’s white clapboard cottages and wrap around verandas. It offers the following: accommodation, foods, drinks and recreational area for an entire family.

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