Hardwork beats talent and anyone who is dedicated and determined to change their life situation will surely get the reward. Maryan Noor Yusuf is a true depiction of the above saying. Growing up at Kakuma Camp, situated in one of the poorest regions in Kenya, Maryan decided to rewrite her story.

The 19 year old is a first year student at St. Paul’s University but now owns a tour and travel company. How did this happen? Probably this is the first question that rings your mind, don’t worry keep reading.

Maryan Noor Yusuf narrated her story to Citizen Digital and thanks to our sources we got a glimpse of this inspiring piece.

Back in 2009, Maryan lost her father to a grisly road accident and never had the chance to bury him. He left behind a family of 5 and life got tough to the extent that they were forced to move out of their flat in Umoja to Kakuma for both food and shelter.

What happened while in Kakuma

Life in the refugee camp wasn’t easy for the family of five. Things got harsh and during the floods rain could carry away their manyattas. To make the matter worse, Maryan Noor Yusuf contracted meningitis– an inflammation of the membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

Having a hardworking woman (their mother) who was their sole bread winner, she managed to find a way out and through the hurdles raised some money that they use as transport to Esteleigh, Nairobi where her mother started to work as a maid.

With time they returned to their first residence in Umoja and while there, a well-wisher by the name of Mr. Macharia decided to sponsor Maryan for her primary education.


In 2013, while in class 7, Maryan finished writing her first book titled “I will be Back” based on the last words her father said before the road accident and despite her efforts, the book was never published.

She did her best but the publishing media turned her down with claims that she was young in addition to some stereotypes against her religion.

What next…

She took the manuscript to another publishing media which did the same but her breakthrough finally popped up in 2017 when they decided to publish the book but things got worse during her last year in secondary, she was diagnosed with Hiatal Herniaa disease which occurs when your stomach bulges through the large muscle separating your abdomen from the diaphragm therefore had to undergo an endoscopy at St. Mary’s Hospital Lang’ata.

She managed to sit for her final examinations in 2018 and early this year was employed by a tour and travel company but resigned after 3 months due to her health condition. In April, Maryan started her own Tours and Travel Company with the knowledge she had acquired from her previous employer and through the company she hopes to raise cash for her medical bills and pay her university fees.

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