Fashion is a way of speaking your personality based on your outfits, I consider it as a way of life and a culture that binds a particular class of people. Style is the new sexy, you don’t have to rock big brands like Gucci to amaze them. Be unique and own your style.

Times are tough and many people are looking for the best thrift shops in town to find what’s trendy and that’s why today’s article will focus on where to shop trendy mitumba and couple outfits at cheap prices.

Knowing when to buy and what to buy makes shopping worthwhile and here is a list of ideal places to checkout.

Bus Station CBD

Situated where most people board matatus, this makes the market readily available. Prices range from as low as ksh20-ksh500 for amazing outfits.

The place is always open with vendors trying to make a living, therefore whenever you need a new outfit you should definitely consider this place.



Gikomba is arguably one of the biggest second hand markets in Kenya. Situated at Kamukunji Road, it hosts thousands of business people with a bigger percentage of them selling clothes.

If you need to revamp your wardrobe then take a trip to Gikomba on a Saturday morning.

Toi Market

This has got to be the boujee thrift shop buying in Nairobi situated in Ngong road behind Adams Arcade. The marked is divide into two sections, the lower segment closer to Kibera or Toi Primary with cheaper outfits and the other segment closer to Ngong road where prices rise up to 3500ksh.


Ngara is arguably the oldest and trendiest thrift shop in Nairobi. Just after the Globe cinema roundabout and directly opposite fig tree is a long line of shops selling designer second hand clothes.

The price is a bit higher than other place but definitely worth every dime.



Situated in Donholm Embakasi Constituency, Mutindwa is a home of one of the biggest second hand clothes vendors in Esteliegh. If you are looking for trendy and unique but cheap clothes, this is the place to shop.

Here prices range from as low as 10 shillings and the best day to shop is early Monday.

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