If you are reading this, firstly I’d like to say thanks for taking the time of your day and check my work, today I will be taking you through Free ways to market your Business on Social Media and Get 100% Results.

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Back to the topic, it is laughable to think that social media cannot transform your business from anything to something. We live in an era where social media has the power to create and crush businesses when you use the right procedures.

Sadly, there are some that think “social media marketing” is just a buzz phrase in marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Freeways to market your Business on Social Media

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience and build your brand. It is also used to increase sales and drive traffic to your website.

The major social media platforms every beginner should use at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

There are various social media platforms but in the early stages of developing your career, it is nearly impossible to focus on all of them. Therefore, to succeed, focus on the above listed and I will teach you how to make a fortune.

Understanding the Role of Social Media Marketing

Social media has a role in marketing and a big impact on your business but it all depends on your business and how well it fits your target market.

Results take time and consistency so put in more effort when it comes to social media marketing.

Freeways to market your Business on Social Media

1. Take Advantage of the Hashtags

Hashtags help you reach a wider audience searching for particular stuff in social media. To make your business reach them, add the relevant hashtag in your caption.

2. Tag relatable contents

Tagging individuals or relevant products is a great way of creating awareness about your business. It acts like a poke by letting them know that someone exists with relevant products or businesses that might interest you.

3. Host Contests

Freeways to market your Business on Social Media

Contests and giveaways are a no-brainer for brand awareness. There are various ways to set an effective contest for your audience and in return, you create awareness about your product and their loyalty.

Make the contests and giveaways fun and easy for your audience to enter so as to increase your engagement rate.

4. Use social media Status

Currently, most of the social media have the status option and according to research on Social Media Marketing, status is more engaging than the normal posts.

It is, therefore, advisable to use your status as a promotional strategy.

5. Get your friends involved

Friends advocacy is quickly becoming a major source of business amplification for brands. With the help of your loyal friends on social media, you can reach a wider audience.

The good news with friends advocacy, new clients get information about your business from other people hence increasing their trust in your products.


Hey, I hope you found this article informative hence ready to promote your business with these Free ways to market your Business on Social Media.

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