If you are reading this, firstly I’d like to say thanks for taking the time of your day and check my work, today I will be taking you through 6 Tips to Build your Dream House for a low cost in Kenya.

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Back to the topic, in these harsh economic times, it’s pretty clear that Kenyans are looking for ways to cut down on their construction expenditure while some opt to procrastinate the plan of having their dream house.

Plenty of times, we admire the amazing houses in movies or social media with a dream of owning one at a particular point in our lives. To help you achieve that, I have written a comprehensive article on saving plan that will help you buy your dream house sooner.

Guidelines to build your first home in Kenya

Tips to Build your Dream House for a low cost

Building a home is a big dream for many Kenyans and foreigners at large but it can be challenging. However, the opportunity to build a house from the ground up is a great advantage since you get to decide as a couple, family or individual.

Here are construction tips to ensure satisfaction in the final results:

  • Plan carefully
  • Select your builder carefully
  • Sort your finances first
  • Prepare a contract
  • Stick to your budget
  • Close supervision
  • Go slow on the latest trends

In addition to that, here are tips to help you build your dream house at an affordable price without compromising its safety or beauty.

6 Tips to Build your Dream House for a low cost in Kenya

  1. Find economical Building Lots

At this point, you should be informed that some of the cheapest building lots are not economical. They might be cheap to acquire but in the long run, cost you a fortune in designing the area to your dream place.

To lower the cost, you can choose an affordable land close to a good mode of transport, water services, electricity, and social amenities. This helps you lower the afterward expenditure and allows you to save.

2. Choose simple floor plans

Not every awesome floor plan is expensive. Be informed of the choices you are about to make before selecting a floor plan based on your friends’ tastes and preferences.

3. Opt for a smaller house

A large house comes with extra costs per square foot and if you don’t have the cash to cover such costs, a smaller house with the same design is the perfect alternative.

4.Reconsider your cabinets

Before starting my point, I agree that solid wood cabinets are high class and elegant material for home decor but you shouldn’t go ab extra mile digging into your pocket to have this.

There are cheaper ways to give kitchens, bathrooms and home offices an elegant look. You can opt for open shelving or stainless steel cabinets with frosted glass.

5. Use recycled materials

Recycled building materials are environment-friendly and can help in cutting down extra construction costs and materials. Some of the best options include sawdust, bamboo, and steel.

6. Invest in Quality

The trick to cutting down costs is spending less on house materials that can be easily changed and investing in quality items that cannot be easily changed.

Items like doorknobs, light material and faucets can always be replaced hence a better option if you use those readily available but never scrimp when it comes to features that cannot be easily changed.


Hey, I hope you found this article informative hence ready to use these 6 Tips to Build your Dream House for a low cost in Kenya.

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