Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through How to Build A Successful Business in the Kenyan Music Industry as an Artist. If you haven’t checked my previous article, remember to click the link at the bottom of this article to catch up with recent tips from business moguls that will help you start or manage your business.

Back to the topic, the music industry is one of the most profitable and promising business sectors to venture in. It is subdivided with various roles ranging from producers, artists, promoters, event managers, etc.

This subdivision makes the industry flooded hence hard to stand out and today I will be taking you through ways you can succeed as an artist.

There are a lot of artists in Kenya producing amazing art but have been underrated, I believe that you deserve a shot of letting the world know of your existence. To make it happen this is all you need.

What is an artist expected to do?

Being a competitive industry, authenticity is the key to success therefore you have to embrace reality and give your best shot.

An artist is also expected to :

  • Be Disciplined
  • Treat his/her music art more as a business and not just talent
  • Be ready to hustle
  • Be determined
  • Be persistent
  • Be ready to learn
  • Network

After doing the above, here is the next step to make it in the Kenyan Music Industry.

How to Build A Successful Business in the Kenyan Music Industry

How to Build A Successful Business in the Kenyan Music Industry

Don’t sit around waiting for your music career to happen to you, get out and make it happen with these 5 ideas to breathe life in your music career.

1. Know your Goals

I know this might sound so obvious, but is it? Every artist knows that they have to make it in the music industry but what is your definition of making it?

You need to define your goals and be ready to take baby steps in your career. Start with short term goals like finding a platform to engage with fans.

When interacting with your fans, learn about them because music if all about giving your fans what they want.

2. Get out there in person

Knowing people and spreading a word about what you do is essential in the music industry. Forget about the life behind the keyboard once you have a project, get out there in person and tell the world what you’ve got.

3. Get out there online

I consider the internet as the future of everything and whoever holds the information holds the power. As an artist, you have to create your own brand via social media.

Read: How to create a successful brand as a musician.

Once you create a strong brand, this gives you a platform to reach people from different parts of the world who will, in turn, spread your work if you are doing amazing stuff.

4. Find your team

It is nearly impossible to make it alone in this world and the music industry is no exception. There are things you are good at and suck in others.

For example, you might be good at creating music but bad at marketing and therefore, you need a team to help you do this so as to stand out.

5. Get Yourself Together

The music business might seem different from other business but they require the same strategies. If you want to make your music career a full-time job then you have to start treating it like one.

Be strict on the following:

  • Contracts
  • Appointments
  • Deadlines
  • Communication skills
How to Build A Successful Business in the Kenyan Music Industry


Hey, I hope you found this article helpful and you can now build A Successful Business in the Kenyan Music Industry as an Artist, let me know what you think via the comment section and share to help others. Let’s chat on  FACEBOOK


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