Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 7 Ways to Identify your Talent and use it to create Self-Employment. If you haven’t checked my previous article, remember to click the link at the bottom of this article to catch up with recent tips from business moguls that will help you start or manage your business.

Back to the topic, personally, I believe everyone is talented in a particular field but most often we tend to listen to the louder voice in our heads telling us that someone else is better than us.

What kills our Talents?

The voice in our heads kills our talents before we get the chance to show the entire world what we are capable of. When pay attention to the voice, we tend to hide our true nature and hide our talents behind a simple word, “I only do it in my free time.”

With constant peer pressure from social media, it is no surprise that we get lost in the shuffle and suppress our talents because someone is doing better than us.

Don’t underestimate yourself, practice and do your best. If you are still having a hard time here are ways to identify your talent.

7 Ways to Identify your Talent and use it to create Self-Employment

1. Take a personality Test

Sometimes all you need is to vent on yourself and try to answer personal questions to understand yourself better. The personality test is meant to know what makes you tick.

You can use it to find out your talent. Check out FREE PERSONALITY TEST

2. Find what makes you feel stronger

Ever found yourself in moments you feel inner peace or the ability to do something or provide an answer to something?

The study revealed that when we are drawn towards a sense of ease every time we do something, we are talented in that field.

3. Find what you spend the most money on

We often put our money where our mouth is when it comes to what we desire. Therefore, when you find yourself willing to invest more in something that you love and you are also good at it, then that is your talent.

4. Ask your friends about your best and Worst Qualities

Close friends know us better and tend to see the bigger picture and our capabilities. When you ask your friends what you can do and they give you the same answer, it is enlighting and that’s where your talent is.

5. Look for talent in others

Sometimes motivation is the magic to unleashing our true being. When you make it a habit of using leisure to see or watch what others are talented in, it will eventually spark your talent.

You will realize what you love and how good you can do it.

6. Remember what you have thanked for

As odd as it might seem, your talent lies in what people thank you for. It is only natural that people with good intentions will only thank you if you have done great.

To connect the dots, try to recall how many times you have been thanked for doing something and others also said you are good at it.

7. Be open to Change

Change is inevitable but it is sad how people spend most of their time running from it. We grow and our taste changes so don’t be complacent telling yourself the same old story.

Be open and try always try something new, this will also help you discover something new and that might be your talent.


Hey, I hope you found this article helpful and with these 7 Ways to Identify your Talent, make use of it and create your own business. Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it to help others. Let’s chat on  FACEBOOK


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