Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through ways to Identify Your Skills and Use them to Create Self Employment. If you haven’t checked my previous article, remember to click the link at the bottom of this article to catch up with recent tips from business moguls that will help you start or manage your business.

Back to the topic, skills are important and play an important role in creating a successful future. With this said, it is still sad that identifying our skills has been confused with our passions and career course.

What are Skills

Skills are things you learn that can help you do other things. However, you might pick them when working with others, studying or engaging in daily activities with others.

Lessons I wish I knew about Skills

How to Identify Your Skills

Like most of you, I had a hard time trying to figure out where I belong. It took me two years to figure out what I was good at hence the main reason I wish I knew these tips that I will be discussing with you to help you identify your skills and create jobs.

While starting as a blogger, I knew I was a good writer but what never occurred to me is the kind of niche I was to venture in and this was my biggest mistake and valuable lesson of all time.

  • You already have a lot of skills
  • You can learn skills from anywhere
  • Skills are learned with time
  • It takes times to practice and master the skills

After finally figuring myself out late last year, it hit me like a ton of block that there might be people going through the same situation I was in while starting out.

It might not be in the blogging or content creation industry but the good news is, these tips are applied in every business hence you are in the right place.

Here are ways to identify your skills and monetize them into a profitable business:

How to Identify Your Skills

It might sound like a cliche but most of us are not good at saying what we are good at. For the most time, we seem to have an innate modesty when talking about our skills.

In most cases when asked about our skills, we tend to pinpoint skills that are associated with our careers but deep down some of us don’t poses them.

This can have a detrimental impact on our career development as it can count against us in our workplace.

How to Avoid mentioning the wrong skills

The only way to avoid messing up is understanding yourself better and know your capabilities, your passion and what you do best. These are the essentials that contribute to your skills.

There is a four-stage model that will help you identify your skills and these are:

  • Unconscious incompetence
  • Conscious competence
  • Conscious incompetence
  • Unconscious competence

Here are three main things that will help you know about your skills

1. Ability

Your ability to do something is the greatest indicator that you are skilled in a particular field.

When you are able to accomplish a particular task, these means you can monetize your efforts thus giving you the chance to create your own job.

2. Problem Solving

Skills are meant to help us provide a solution or solve a particular problem at hand, therefore if you can solve a particular problem then you are skilled in that sector.

The gaps in the market need solutions hence to fill it, you can create your own job basing on your skills so as to fill the gap at hand.

3. Value

The ultimate goal of any job or work is to provide value. Our skills help us provide value to our clients and when you can do this, it puts you in a position where you can create a source of income by yourself.

How to Identify Your Skills


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