Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 5 Ways to start and work as a Freelance Journalist. If you haven’t checked my previous article, remember to click the link at the bottom of this article to catch up with recent tips from business moguls that will help you start or manage your business.

Back to the topic, if you are an independent person with a degree of passion in journalism but hates a 9-5 job then freelancing is a career for you. This won’t restrict you to one publication and the good news is the experience that comes with it.

Back in the University, I had friends who were destined to be a good journalist and respect to anyone who graduated out of the field because you have a bright future ahead.

Personally, I believe that media holds the power to freedom and marketing regardless of whether it is TV, Radio, Blogs or Podcasts, and this article is meant to give you tips on how you can set your career as a freelance journalist.

Why work as a Freelance Journalist?

As a freelance journalist, you will have the freedom to work on your pace and write, curate or cover topics that interest you. With interest comes motivation and with motivation, there is a guarantee of perfection.

However, being a freelance journalist is a hard job and requires dedication but if you follow the right steps, you can land yourself the first assignment that will pave the way in your career.

How to start and work as a Freelance Journalist

Ways to start and work as a Freelance Journalist

1.Signing Up for Freelance writing Websites

It is nearly impossible to get a job without experience, therefore if you need it at least to make your CV catchy then you have to sign up for a freelance writing website.

Freelance writing websites have one time gigs from clients who need writers and while working for them, this gives you the experience your future clients need.

You can create an account on Freelancer, Elance or oDesk and make sure the employers you work for are verified in those sites. This might not be your ultimate job but it is meant to give you the experience before pitching to media houses.

2. Build a Network

I consider networking as another form of currency since knowing the right people will give you what you desire. How do I create a network?

With the internet, everything is possible and now you can connect with anyone across the globe in your field. Take advantage of social media and link with people who are beneficial when it comes to your field.

3. Join an Online Community

Most people underrate the power of online communities. An online community is a platform where like-minded individuals interact and share ideas with the aim of helping one another.

There are several online communities for journalist and if you are looking for a job or a mentor, you should definitely join one like:

  • JurnoBiz Forum
  • Mumsnet
  • The Number 1 Freelance Ladies Buddy Agency

4. Research Publications you can work for

Since you want to work with different publications, research on some of your favorite publications should be your next step. Dig deep on some of the publications you like, their writing style, information about editors and the kind of topics they write.

Once you are done, you should pitch to them leveraging the information they have with a pitch to improve on their weaknesses.

5. Build a personal Website

A website is a perfect platform to show the world who you are, what you do, your past examples and what you can offer. You can create one or hire somebody to create a website for you but make sure they include the contact details.

Ways to start and work as a Freelance Journalist

To hire someone to create a good website that will suit your needs, email:



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