Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through a Beginners guide on How to Start A Profitable Blog in 30 minutes. Perhaps you’ve thought of starting a blog for a while. I’m here to make your dream come true.

Basic Necessities on How to Start A Profitable Blog

  • Desired URL for your blog
  • Some cash to pay the hosting company
  • Personal email address for blog registration

The above are the most essential credentials for anyone who wishes to start a blog and if you already have, it’s time to take the next step. You are at the beginning of an amazing journey towards achieving financial freedom if you put in more effort.

I’m really glad to accompany you through this journey and make you a star that you are meant to be as full time or part-time blogger. Let’s sail because this beginner’s Bloggers guide is meant to grow your brand or your business.

Must Do’s to Start A Profitable Blog…

  1. If you want to start a successful blog then forget about your favorite name, when choosing a domain name make sure it goes in handy or reflect the type of service you will offer especially when you are not a celebrity or have no massive following.

This will help the audience resonate with your service easily hence follow you.

2. Choose a hosting provider with a great customer care service. As a blogger, I can tell you that the unexpected will always happen that will require professional attention.

Make sure the provider will always be available to your aid so that your readers don’t find your site in bad shape.

5 Key Aspects to buy and Publicize your Blog

  • Choose a hosting company depending on your country or opt for some of the trusted web hosting platforms worldwide
  • Get and purchase a domain name and the hosting space
  • Install WordPress
  • Write your first Blog Post
  • Install your favorite WordPress Theme or purchase online then install it.

Terms to understand

  • Hosting: A server on the internet in which your blog is hosted

Types of Hosting Available

  • Shared Hosting: When you share a server with other blogs or websites
  • VPS Hosting: Is when you share a server with other websites but a portion of the resources in the server are reserved for you
  • Dedicated Hosting: Is when a server only hosts your website

My recommended Hosting Provider: Truehost Cloud

Why Truehost Cloud and not other Hosting Providers?

While starting as a blogger, I was using WordPress free hosted site. However, it wasn’t profitable since I could not monetize it and being a university student at the moment, I could not raise the cash to purchase a customized domain name.

Months later, I shifted to a local hosting provider which was affordable but limited to some features. I started doing my own research and came across the Truehost cloud.

Their review was impressive and when my agreement with my previous hosting provider ended, I decided to take a leap of faith and enrolled for Truehost Cloud. I have never regretted my decision.

5 Reasons you should Choose TrueHost Cloud

  • They are affordable to both beginner bloggers and established bloggers
  • 24/7 client support service is great and guaranteed
  • 1 Click WordPress installation is easy for beginners
  • Free SSL Certificate for all sites
  • They offer Customized Privacy Page for your website which is essential for a website

Truehost Cloud is one of the best hosting providers with a good track record, live chat platform and you can always reach someone from their team whenever you need help.

Before providing you with the link to create your own blog, let me take you through each step then I will drop the link at the end of this article.

Step by Step Procedure to start your Blog

1. Go over to Truehost Cloud home page

How to Start A Profitable Blog: Truehost Cloud

2. Scroll down to choose a package that is suitable and affordable to you. There are three different plans to choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How to Start A Profitable Blog

Among the three plans, I highly recommend you to choose a package that best suits your needs.

After that, click on the package you want and it will lead you to a new tab where you have to register your new domain name.

After inputting the name of your domain, you will check for its availability and once found you are free to move to the next step by clicking continue.

How to Start A Profitable Blog: TrueHost Cloud

With that done, you will add it to the cart and select your payment method. You will then be sent a welcome email and asked to proceed to the customer area.

3. Install WordPress

To install WordPress, select My Account> Access My Cpanel > then under Pre-Installers click WordPress which is a one-click installation process.

How to access your WordPress Admin Dashboard

WordPress Admin Dashboard is the backend of your WordPress which is accessed using this link:

4. Write your First Post and Publish

If you have reached here, there is only one explanation- you are ready to learn and my advice is to publish your first ASAP. It doesn’t have to belong but an introduction and summary of what you do.

5. Find A Suitable Theme

A theme dictates your website appearance, therefore, an important issue at hand. You can opt for the following to make your website stand out:

  • Choose a free theme from WordPress Marketplace
  • Buy from trusted websites like Themeforest
  • Hire a Website Designer. Hire me by emailing

Use Truehost Cloud to create your own website: TRUEHOST CLOUD

How to Start A Profitable Blog


Finally, you are ready to go! I hope this guide has helped answer your domain registration, Webhosting questions or how to Start A Profitable Blog.

Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it to help other Bloggers and Brands.



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