Things To Do before you Publishing Blog Posts in 2020

Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 12 Things To Do before you Publish Blog Posts in 2020. This article is meant to help you avoid some of the simple mistakes that might cost you.

Most bloggers are usually excited about posting new content that they often forget the little details that matter. To avoid this, you must have a routine.

I’m not the most organized blogger in our community but I try my best, a thing that has helped me deliver the best and you can do the same.

In this post, I will talk about the things that I do before publishing any blog post to help you up your game.

Things To Do before you Publish Blog Posts in 2020

This post relates to my previous article on 5 Steps to writing a great post since hence useful if you check it too.

Now let us dive into each step:

1: Planning

The only way to do great things, is by doing what you love- Steeve Jobs. If you want to write a great post, while planning, choose a topic that provides resourceful information and interests you.

2:Write an Outline for Your Topic

Once you find the topic of interest, outline it by scheming it into these three important part:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The purpose of the outline is to guide you while writing, keep you in the track and get the overall structure of your entire blog post.

3: Research

Once you have outlined your topic, you need facts. The only way to provide facts to your readers is by doing research. Therefore, dive into the research process and provide satisfying answers to your topic.

4: Curate an Amazing Headline

There are two main approaches to writing a great headline and this includes writing before the entire blog post or starting with the blog post then curate a headline from its facts.

It is advisable to curate a headline basing on your topic in a way that you provide answers to your audience. For example, my headline” 5 Professional Steps to write a Great Blog Post in 2020″ hints of 5 different ways a blogger can improve their writing skills.

Therefore, this headline serves the purpose of providing answers while hinting in 5 different ways hence catchy to the readers.

5: Write A Great Blog Post

Now that you have all the keywords and facts ready, it’s actually time to write that great blog post.


An introduction should be brief and sweet.

Make sure your topic is clear from the beginning and avoid beating around the bush.


Break your body into short and different paragraphs since nobody loves reading big chunks of texts which could be simplified into short and informative content.

Use different forms of headings to make it easier for people to read.


In this section, summarize your article and include a call to action phrase.

6: Using Images Effectively

Images are very important in your blog post since they break monotony created by words. While using images, make sure you do the following:

  • Use Alt tags
  • Save them using Keywords

7: Editing

If you thought writing a great blog post is hard, you are mistaken. Editing a blog post is actually harder but since people simplify it to the task of striking out the bad sentences, it makes it look easy.

Don’t get me wrong, striking out the bad sentences and phrasing your grammar are very vital but that is just the beginning of editing a great blog post.

8. Keep your paragraphs short

A huge block of texts intimidates readers, to avoid this make use of shorter sentences and stating direct facts which eventually leads to short paragraphs.

9. InterLink to other Posts

This is really important. Interlinking your posts within your content help in improving your SEO score which in turn helps in your ranking among the same keywords in Google.

I consider this as a way of telling Google more about your content in a different blog post in your own blog.

10: Create Content Upgrade

Content Upgrade helps you stand out as a blogger and a brand in general. For posts that you think might become popular due to their high demand, content upgrade suits them.

Why create Content Upgrade?

  • Helps you to stand out
  • Helps you get more email subscribers if you leverage it

11. Add Call to Action

It is important to add a call to action at the end of your blog post. For example, “Feel free to jump in for a conversation via the email section or subscribe to my email list to get updates.”

This helps to spark engagement with your audience. Scroll down to see how I do it.

12:Final Check

Once you are done with the 5 steps, it’s time to recheck your blog post before publishing.


I hope this guide helpful on Things To Do before you Publishi Blog Posts in 2020. Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it to help other Bloggers and Brands.



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