Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 9 Steps to Writing A Viral Blog Post used by Succesful Bloggers.

If you ask any top blogger in your niche how they climbed up the ladder, the answer will always be the same.

“Amazing and evergreen content is the key to success as a blogger.” However, getting your content to as many readers as possible is not an easy task.

Almost every blogger spends most of the time curating superb content. The field is therefore competitive and only a few bloggers have mastered the art to success.

Before diving into how to write a viral blog post, lest see the characteristics of a viral blog post.

Characteristics of A Viral Blog Post

  • Invokes a strong emotion like joy, anger or sadness
  • Gets a ton of social media shares or comments
  • Helps you get a lot of backlinks
  • Boosts your overall traffic

After taking TIME to check some of the popular blog posts that were trending on twitter, the four characteristics happened to be recurrent in both.

To any blogger who wishes to write a viral blog post, take note of the four characteristics.

Now let me take you through the steps of creating one.

9 Steps to Writing A Viral Blog Post used by Succesful Bloggers

Steps to Writing A Viral Blog Post

1.Study your Audience

The first step of creating a viral blog post is studying your target audience. Once you know who your readers are and the struggle they face on a daily basis, it is easier to create content that will impress them.

People share what they believe is helpful to them and their friends, therefore, provide answers to their questions.

2. Generate Viral Content Ideas

The only way to win is by playing how winners play. If you want to create viral content then you must generate viral content ideas.

How to generate Viral content ideas

  • Learn from your competitors

Log in to BuzzSumo then type in your competitor’s URL. Check out the content with the most shares and curate the same content with detailed information.

  • Looking up on Pinterest Most Popular Pins

Go to Pinterest and type the keyword you want to write about. Look for pins with more repins and check the associated keywords.

3. Add long-tail keywords in your blog posts

What are the KEYWORDS?

Keywords are words searched by your readers on search engines when looking for information about a particular blog post.

Why make your Keyword Longer?

Long-tail keywords help in boosting your SEO which in turn increases your blog post traffic. Using the right keywords also helps your posts climb up the search engine rank.

9 Steps to Writing A Viral Blog Post used by Succesful Bloggers

4. Write Catchy Headlines

First appearances matter and as a blogger you have one chance to woo your readers using your headline. Your headline should be simple, easy to read and catchy at the same time.

Tips for writing a catchy headline

  • Let your blog title be short and sweet
  • Use attractive adjectives like amazing, fast, easy and incredible
  • Make your headline listicles ie use numbers for example 10 ways to…
  • Try to arouse your reader’s curiosity with headlines like Crush your blogging journey with these 5 simple methods.

5. Write an Attention-Grabbing intro

Readers use your intro to decide whether they will continue reading your blog post or quite. Therefore, you should up your into game.

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Intro

  • Tell a light story with a personal touch
  • Start with a little sense of humor
  • Reveal the result of your blog

6. SEO optimize your content

SEO is very important as it helps in your ranking. While writing your blog posts, make use of the keywords. If you want a viral content then you have to make your blog post stand out.

7. State Facts and prove them

In your quest to creating a viral blog post, you have to incorporate facts accompanied by proof of images.

This builds up trust with your audience hence willing to share with others because you have provided them with facts.

8. Write an apt Conclusion

Once you are done with your awesome blog post waiting to make it viral, this is where you push your readers to take action.

In your conclusion, add a call to action telling your readers to share your content.

9. Publish and promote your content

At this point, I know you are tired and would wish to see the results of your hard work. It’s okay to publish and take the next step of promoting your blog post to go viral.

You have to share your work. I have written another article on 6 Free ways to promote your blog post once you hit the publish button.


I hope this guide has helped and given you a clue on How to Find and Join Pinterest Group boards to increase Blog Traffic. Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it to help other Bloggers and Brands.


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