How To Blog on Facebook

Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through How To Blog on Facebook and Make Money In 2020.

In today’s guide, I will teach you how to become a blogger using nothing but Facebook. Besides being a social platform, Facebook has been designed for Bloggers too.

Facebook notes App allows you to create long and stylized posts that can include photos, videos, and headers the same way a WordPress is designed for bloggers.

With this in mind, you can start your journey as a Facebook blogger and if you want to branch out of your circle, you can create a Facebook page to serve a bigger audience.

While using Facebook, here are two methods to advance your blogging career:

  • A blog using Facebook Notes App
  • A blog using Facebook Pages

Method 1: Blog using Facebook Notes App

1.Go to in your Web Browser

The links redirect you to Facebook Notes that allows you to write longer posts or whatever you want to blog using your account. The notes editor is designed with the following blogging features:

  • Bullets
  • Numbered lists
  • Stylized texts
  • Ability to embed media(photos and videos)

You can also access Facebook notes by clicking the More menu at the top then scroll and select Notes.

2. Click Write Note to Create your Blog Post

The icon is near the top right corner of the page. After clicking, it automatically creates a typing area for your new post.

How to Add a Cover Photo on Your Post

This is an optional feature in your blog post. However, for those who want to add a cover photo, click the “Drag or Click to Add photo” option.

How to Add a Title in your Blog post

Every blog post has a title and this is what attracts readers. Make your title catchy and once you are convinced it is the bait, type it in the “Title” field.

3. Write your Blog Post

In this stage, you can definitely speak your mind. Write or paste whatever you intend to share with your audience in the large box. Thereafter, you will click the privacy menu.

Clicking the privacy menu gives you the chance to select an audience, this can be your friends, only me or the public. Select an option then click the blue “Publish” button.

Method 2: Blog Using Facebook Page

In this method, you require a personal Facebook page so I will start from scratch to enable beginners to create their pages,

1.Create A Facebook Page for your Blog

Pages are a Facebook special feature that allows artists, dancers, celebrities, and businesses to connect with their audience. Therefore, creating a page for your blog is a brilliant idea.

Steps to Create your Facebook Page

  • Click create near the top right corner of your profile and select page
  • Click get started under the community or public figure
  • Type the name of your Blog into the “Page Name: Field
  • Select personal Blog as the Category
  • Click Continue to create your page

2. Go to Your Page

Once your page is created, you can access it via your Facebook Account using the drop-down arrow near the top right corner of the page.

3. Customize your Blog Page

Customizing simply means changing the appearance to make it more appealing to your audience.

Here are some of the major features you should work on:

  • Add a cover photo
  • Add a profile photo
  • Put your contact details
  • Set a theme for your page

Once you are done with the customization, it is time for you to start your blogging journey by posting.

4. Write and Share your Blog post

Click “Write Post” to create your first post. The feature is near the top of your page but under the cover image. Alternatively, you can create your blog post via Microsoft then paste it in this section.

Once you are done, click share now to share your post and once the entry is posted, it will appear on your page.

Hurray…Congratulations!! Your First Blog post is finally public marking the beginning of your journey as a blogger.

How to make Money using Your Facebook Blog

Once your post is public, it’s time to promote it and share it with friends. You have to work on your page just like bloggers work on their WordPress Bloggers to get readers.

Once you get enough readers, engagements, and likes on Your Facebook Blog Page, you can now monetize it. In this post, I will only highlight different ways to monetize your Facebook Blog.

For more details check out my comprehensive post on how to earn as a blogger here: 6 PROVEN WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR BLOG IN 2020

How to earn via Your Facebook Blog Page

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell private Ads
  • Personal Digital products
  • Sell your merchandise
  • Offering services
Ways to make money with your Blog


I hope this guide has been detailed and helpful enough to answer your question “How To Blog on Facebook and Make Money In 2020”. Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it then tag me “Gusty Naveli” on any platform to get a shoutout as my loyal reader.


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