Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 6 Best Techniques to Generate Blog Post Ideas in 2020 to help you grow your blog.

Every blogger wishes to write an informative and resourceful blog post, something that their audience wants to know about. However, there are millions of topics searched on the internet daily.

How do you find out the best blog post idea for your audience? Keep reading to know the techniques used by successful bloggers.

Coming up with new blog post ideas is one of the hardest things in blogging.


It takes time to research and find a topic that will be helpful to your audience.

It’s is not about what you want to write, you have to find what your audience wants

To save you from the trouble of writing wrong blog posts and horrifying blank screens, here is a list of 6 techniques used by successful bloggers that will help you rock.

Best Techniques to Generate Blog Post Ideas in 2020

1. Use Semrush Research Tool

Semrush is a research tool designed to help bloggers find great blog post ideas. It literally saves you from headaches of researching manually.

How to use Semrush

a) Sign Up on Semrush

Once you have registered on Semrush using your private credentials, you will get a Dashboard like this:

Best Techniques to Generate Blog Post Ideas in 2020

b) Click on Topic Research

c) Type a keyword on the topic you want to write about

The keyword should be based on your niche as a blogger. If you are in a fitness niche, you will want to write a blog post on things like gym, diet and weight lifting.

Therefore type what you want and see the magic.

  • Illustration

Assuming you type ‘exercise.

Basing on the above image, you will see the top 10 headlines by backlinks and 10 interesting questions people are asking.

2. Find other Blogs in your Niche

If you had no idea, your competitors are the best source of good blog post ideas. It is always good to check what they are up to, chances are they are writing better content than you.

Take inspiration and write a more relevant blog post based on your competitors’ posts.

How to find your Competitors

Simply head over to google and search the following:

  • Top (your niche) blog
  • (Your niche) blog
  • Best (your niche) blog

Let’s take the FOOD niche for example:

Basing on the result, check out what such blogs are writing about.

3. Use Pinterest

I recently discovered Pinterest as a gold mine for blog post ideas. Most of my blog post ideas come from Pinterest and have proven to be worth it.

To find blog post ideas on Pinterest, head over to Pinterest and search your keyword on the search bar.


If you are in the WEIGHT LOSS niche just key in something to do with fashion. Pinterest will then generate blog post ideas basing on what people are looking for.


4. Quora

Quora is one of the largest Question and Answer forum on the planet at the moment. The forum has millions of users asking and answering questions daily.

It is, therefore, a good place to find out what people are searching for.

How to use Quora

  • Head over to Quora and type your niche related terms. (example: travel niche)
  • Quora will project thousands of questions asked by users
  • Open up and see the answers
  • Take tips from the answer and write a blog post about the question

5. Use Reddit

Just like Pinterest, Reddit is a gold mine for a blog post but the platform is underrated by many bloggers. How many of you reading this use Reddit?

Let me know in the comment section and feel free to ask for more tips to use Reddit.

How to use Reddit:


1: Go to

2: Type your niche in the Search Bar (example Blogging)

3: Click on subreddits related to your niche

One the page loads, you will see a tab named “communities and users.”

Below that you will see subreddits related to your niche, go ahead and click on them. It will automatically direct you to the Subreddit page.

Search for a specific keyword on the search bar and check out your results. You will have thousands of blog post ideas in question form.

Pick one and write a great post.

6. QuestionDB

QuestionDB is a free tool to generate blog post ideas and unlike other tools, it collects questions from other sources besides Google.

How to Use QuestionDB

  • Go to
  • Search a keyword depending on your blog niche.
  • Choose from the results given

In conclusion, here is a summary of all the 6 techniques for finding great blog posts.

  • Use Semrush Research Tool
  • Find other Blogs in your Niche
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • QuestionDB


I hope this blog post on the Best Techniques to Generate Blog Post Ideas in 2020 will be beneficial to you as a blogger. Let me the areas you are having a hard time comprehending for more clarification. If you love it, share on any social media platform and tag me”Gusty Naveli” for a shoutout as my loyal reader.


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