7 Easy Steps to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter to Increase Blog Traffic

Hey! Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 7 Easy Steps to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter to Increase Blog Traffic

For bloggers, an email newsletter is an essential tool. It has various advantages that will help grow your blog and brand at once.

Let’s talk about the benefits…

What are the Benefits of an Email Newsletter?

  • To create loyalty with your readers
  • Develop a relationship and trust
  • Drive page traffic
  • Build a community and enhance readers engagement
  • Attract and target a group of readers
  • Help build momentum
  • Open up opportunities for monetization

Starting an email newsletter is like juggling a lot of balls at once, which means you have a lot of advantages.

To help you benefit from a newsletter here is are Easy Steps to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter to Increase Blog Traffic.

How to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter

Step 1: Figure out your Newsletter Goal

Before you start drafting your email newsletter, clearly define your content strategy.

Is your newsletter supposed to help you get more web traffic? Generate leads or create awareness? Whichever the reason is, keep in mind the goal should be beyond how many people opened it.

Step 2: Gather Your content and Design Your Template

Once you have figured out the goal of your newsletter, gather the content either actively or passively.

Active: Going for the hunt to a specific content that will solve a specific goal.

Passive: Refers to a situation where you stumble on the right content that will serve your goal.

Personally, I will advise you to search for content in some of the amazing company blogs and social media accounts. The two are goldmines for good content.

Design Your Template for Perfect Email Newsletter

Once you have the content, it is time to dive into the next step and start designing. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be flashy but informative.

Make the design easier for recipients to read, scan and click various elements within it.

Here are some great designs you can use: EMAIL NEWSLETTER DESIGN

Step 3: Set your Email Newsletter Size

Unfortunately, email newsletters don’t resize on their own. This calls for the creator to handle that part manually.

There is a need to resize your newsletter since recipients use different devices. Resizing also makes it convenient for recipients to read.

Most device providers default your email newsletter size to 600PX WIDE, Therefore tweak your newsletter to fit this design.

Step 4: Add your Body Content and Personalize

Adding body content generally means filling the template with texts and pictures. Spend time perfecting it.

Personalize every text to seem like they were sent to that one specific recipient. People love it when they are addressed individually rather than with a newsletter resembling a group message.

How to personalize your Newsletter:

  • Segment your email and choose content with love
  • Add personalization token
  • Add smart token with a personal call to action.

Step 5: Choose your Subject Line and Sender Name

Just like organizations, recipients hate spam. A sender name from a real person increases clickthroughs since it gives your newsletter the realness vibe.

When it comes to a subject line, use something that grabs their attention yet simple. You can start with the phrase: “Hey!”

Step 6: Support your email with Alt Texts

At this point, your email is almost ready to be sent. But what is your precaution in case of a d internet connection?

Bad internet connection makes images load slowly, in this case, Alt Texts should be used.

Alt texts are words that describe an image in case of a slow internet connection. This gives a reader a clue of what the image entails.

Step 7: Make sure you are legally Compliant

Before sending your email to any recipient, make sure your newsletters are all good from a legal perspective.

The two biggest laws you need to worry about are:


It requires you to have a footer in your newsletter with an easy way to unsubscribe whenever they feel like.


The law is quite comprehensive and was passed in Europe in 2018. It states that you only send emails to recipients who manually subscribed to your newsletter.

With all those rules adhered to, you can now send your newsletter to your recipients then see the magic happen.


7 Easy Steps to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter to Increase Blog Traffic

I hope these 7 Easy Steps to Create A Perfect Email Newsletter to Increase Blog Traffic guide will help you crush your blogging journey.


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