Hey! Its time to up your blogging game and in today’s guide, I will take you through 7 Simple Steps to Design your Website like A pro.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or expert blogger who has been passing the web design job to professionals, fear not.

My guide will show you how anyone can build an amazing website from scratch. You read that write, my purpose is to broaden your knowledge.

A lot of folks think that if you want to design a great website, you have to be a web guru or pay a web designer for that. Hell! nooo.

That said, you will need to know a thing or two about web design. So to help you out, I have created this simple, easy to follow guide to help you design your website like a pro.

7 Simple Steps to Design your Website like A pro: Summary

  • Define your site’s purpose and strategy
  • Research the latest website design trend
  • Choose your platform
  • Select them and start to customize
  • Decide on your branding
  • Optimize your content
  • Analyze and improve

Below, I will dive into details and explain what to do in every step. If you are interested in starting your website or doing a makeover, then you are in the right place.

7 Simple Steps to Design your Website like A pro

1.Define your site’s purpose and strategy

Every blogger has a purpose and strategy which reflects their brand. Beyond knowing your industry you need to know your unique selling point.

Your website design is linked to your brand and needs to portray authenticity.

Once your purpose is clear, the attention shifts towards what action you want you, website visitors, to take. Should they buy products, sign-up or read-only?

If you want them to buy products, look for an e-commerce theme if you want them to sign-up look for a newsletter or make it a blog for the purpose of reading only.

2. Research the Latest Web Trends

A greater way of approaching perfection is being updated. If you want great design, you need to know the latest web trends.

Spend time online to see what your competitors are doing, it is a great way of knowing what you are missing.

48% of people believe that web design is an important factor, therefore you have to learn whether to follow the trend or disrupt it. You can only follow your niche trend if it is viable.

When the method does not work for you, find your own design and own your style.

3. Choose your Platform

When it comes to web design, the platform really matters especially when you have no knowledge involving coding and programming.

Some of the well-established platforms like WordPress are the best and easy to use.

While such well-established platforms do a great job, some are very expensive. Therefore, in my quest to provide the best solution, here is A List of 7 Best Free and Paid Blogging Platforms to use in 2020.

4. Select a Template

Now you are clear of your site purpose, clued on the latest web design trends and have a platform in mind. These should give you a better idea of what you need from a template.

What is A template?

A template refers to the layout of your website with pre-filled example content.

From your preferable blogging platform, choose a template that suits your needs.

5. Decide on your Branding

When designing your website, you should think of how everything you do reflects on your brand as a whole.

Starting from the color scheme, imagery and font should be in unison.

Color Scheme

In web design, your color matters. Experts believe that a signature color can boost your brand recognition by up to 80%.

There is a lot of psychology behind people’s perception of color, so make your color stand out.

Font Style

Just like color, font style plays a very important role in your blog.

Naturally, white-collar businesses will want to use classic styles of font. Fonts like Arial are synonymous with professionalism while playful brands will opt for abstract fonts.


Images are used to turn a modest website into a visual masterpiece.

Images help in increasing clicks and engagements. Make good use of proper images during your design to attract readers.

6. Add in and Optimize your Content

When it comes to your content, there are two things you need to think of:

  • Positioning
  • Optimization


It refers to the location of your content on your website. According to research, readers consume content in the F format.

Make sure your content is designed in that format.


Is the process of tweaking out content to help your blog post rank higher on the search engines.

Things to check during Site Optimization

  • Metadata
  • Image compression
  • Image Alt
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile responsiveness

7. Publish your post

This is the simplest step and involves hitting the publish button once done with the 6 major steps.

7 Simple Steps to Design your Website like A pro


I hope you find this article 7 Simple Steps to Design your Website like A pro resourceful, let me know what you think in the comment section and which topic you would love to cover next.

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