5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020

Are there Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020? The answer is Yes…

For over a decade now, Facebook has evolved and become one of the best marketing platforms for bloggers. According to Statista, Facebook had 2.5 billion monthly active users as per the fourth quarter of 2019 hence the biggest social network worldwide and a goldmine for bloggers.

As a blogger, you need a good marketing strategy so as to reach your target audience on Facebook. Being the biggest social media network, the platform is flooded with different people searching for different information.

A good marketing strategy can be defined as a relevant plan created and intended to reach a particular group of people. In business, we refer to them as the target audience or potential customers.

However, bloggers tend to provide general information hoping to convert Facebook users into loyal readers/visitors. This is the biggest mistake most bloggers make. To convert a user into a potential reader, you have to contextualize your content and speak to them directly.

Everybody likes attention and when you make them feel like you are speaking to them directly, they tend to pay attention.

How to contextualize your Content

  • Be specific on what you are talking about
  • Target a specific group of people
  • Offer detailed information about what you are talking about

With the three tips above, it is possible to highlight your audience, give them the correct information about what you are talking about and capture their attention by being as detailed as possible. Now that you understand how to target a specific audience, it is time to dive into the 6 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020.

5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020: From Beginner Marketing Blogger to an Expert

5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020

Use of Dynamic Creative Ads

Dynamic creative is a term commonly used in marketing. It refers to the creation of personalized content than advertising it in different Ad formats. The formats/elements are usually created by the server; in this case, Facebook will create different formats based on the environment, user and other factors.

Using dynamic Creative Ads recreates your content into different forms to impress various audience which in turn increases your engagement.

How does Dynamic Creative Work?

Dynamic creative helps advertisers automatically deliver high-performing combinations of their creative assets to Facebook users. The formats are usually created based on images, videos, descriptions, and titles of a particular post.

How to Create a Dynamic Creative on Facebook: Make Facebook Ads Free that Standout

  1. Go to Ads Manager and select CREATE.
  2. Create your campaign and make sure to choose Catalogue sales as your marketing objective and select your catalog.
  3. Create your Ad set. By choosing the product set you want to advertise then set up your audience, placement, budget, and schedule.
  4. Select a single image or carousel.
  5. Choose a thumbnail by checking the box next to the following options:

Add a card with a fixed image at the beginning.

If you want to show a unique image that represents your brand before showcasing the advertised products.

Add the card at the end with your page profile picture.

If you want to add a reference linking to your page at the end of the Ad.

  • Enter a copy of your Ad in the text box.
  • Update the information about your Ad on the title and description.
  • Add call to action

Use Facebook Ad Library to Spy on Competitors

5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020

Facebook Ad Library is a place where you can search for Ads that are running across Facebook.  

Facebook Ad library provides transparency by offering a comprehensive and searchable collection of all Ads running across products. This gives bloggers a chance to explore and see what their competitors are advertising and doing better.

With this feature, you can access all active Ads hence make a decision on what to focus on and what your audience is looking for.

How to search For Facebook Ad Library

  1. Go to Ad Library at www. Facebook.com/ads/library
  2. Make sure you have the correct country selected in the top right of the Ad Library.
  3. Above the search bar, click All Ads.
  4. Enter what you are looking for in the search bar and on the drop-down list, click what you like.

Creating Interactive Click to Messenger Facebook Ads

Interactive Click to Messenger Facebook Ads is Ads in the inbox that send people into conversation with your business Messenger.

Businesses or Bloggers can use Ads that click to Messenger to start conversations at scale targeting a particular audience. These Ads help bloggers and businesses generate leads, raise awareness or sell products.

How to Create Interactive Click to Messenger Facebook Ads

Before you begin:

Choose the objective of the Messenger Facebook Ads which can be to optimize the delivery of products to your target audience or create conversions.

Now that you have your objectives set, let me show you how to create the Messenger Facebook Ads.

  1. Go to Ad Creation within the Ads Manager.
  2. For messages objective, select messages and for conversions select conversions.
  3. For Messages objective, in the Message Destination click Messenger and the same procedure for Conversion purposes.
  4. Edit your audience, placements, budget then schedule your ads before clicking continue.
  5. Click your Ad format and complete the setup, you can either use a new template or the existing one.
  6. Once you are contented with your Ad, click publish.

Use Scroll Stoppers

Scroll stoppers refer to graphics or another page element that may visually impede a user from scrolling to the true top or bottom of a page.

Examples of Scroll Stoppers include:

  • Outstanding Facebook Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics

3 Ways to Create Facebook Ads that Stop users from Scrolling

  1. Use Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of attracting audience attention. You can reach out to readers who have been using or consuming your content and ask them for an honest review and offer gifts or discounts in your next stock.

User-generated content has the power to promote a brand organically, once you have the testimonials, you can incorporate them into video promotions, Ads and post some in your social media profile or Website.

  • Demonstrate

Customers trust products they see in use; therefore a demonstration is likely to increase your customer engagement since it proves your viability of both your work and product.

  • Tell A Story

Telling a story is a great way of connecting with your readers and customers. People tend to be emotionally swayed when reading a story that triggers their emotions hence the best way to captivate their attention.

5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020


Expand your Audience Reach by using Look Alike Audience

A look alike audience is an audience created by Facebook to resemble a source audience provided by the Advertiser. For example, if you provide Facebook with emails, it will generate a list of audiences related to the email list you provided.

To create a lookalike audience, you will have to create a custom audience first by going to the audience tab and click on create a custom audience.

4 Ways to Build Look Alike Audience

  • Create  a video look alike Audience
  • Set up an email list look alike Audience
  • Create Conversion Look Alike Audience
  • Construct Page Look Alike Audience

How to Create Look Alike Audience

  • Go to audiences
  • Click the create audience drop-down and choose look alike audience
  • Choose your source and the country you would like a similar audience
  • Choose your desired audience size
  • Click Create Audience

If you are looking for progress, these are the 5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in 2020. Let me know what you think via the comment section, share on Facebook and tag Gusty Naveli for a shoutout.


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