Canva changed my content creation game from beginner to pro. With beautifully designed templates, you also stand a chance to rock as a blogger and increase your blog traffic with amazing customized designs.

What is Canva?

Personally, I can describe canva as an online design tool made with the interest of designers in mind to help them up to their graphics game.

Canva offers design tips and inspiration for everyone from beginners to professionals. It is easy to use and offers free and paid options hence a good place to start as a beginner blogger.

Why use Canva?

Have you ever been stuck and wished for someone’s help? That’s what Canva does for designers. When you are in need of good graphics for your social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, Canva provides the best templates for you.

Here are some of the reasons I prefer using Canva.

  • It is easy to use hence saves you on time
  • It’s affordable for those who would wish to upgrade to the premium versions
  • It delivers quality graphics
  • Canva allows you to redesign your own images when using the free version
  • It provides multiple templates you can use without being penalized for copyright issues
  • It is easy to use without graphic design skills
  • Canva has a design school that provides courses, tutorials and meet up events for its members.
  • Ability to collaborate with other creatives while using Canva

How to Access Canva

It is pretty simple to access Canva, all you have to do is sign up:

Step 1


Step 2:

Sign up with either Facebook or your email Address

In this article, I will take you through steps to use freemium Canva to design captivating blog posts and stand out in a blogging industry that is flooded. Unlike back in the 2000s when a few blogs had all the authority, currently, the internet has plenty of information some of which will never rank in the first Google Page.

As a Blogger, I know it’s your dream to direct attention to your blog and improve your Google Rank. Yes! That was my dream and still is. Over the years, I have managed to climb ladders from unknown Google pages top 3 pages and today I will show you how.

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First, you need to understand the power of visuals. Readers and generally social media users are attracted to posts that are captivating with images with catchy information.

These images include: Flyers, Infographics, presentations, invitations, resume, social media posts, quote posts, thumbnails, etc and Canva offers all those templates.

To break it down, I will start by highlighting the features of viral blog posts then dive into how Canva will help you create such blog posts.

Features of Viral Blog Posts:

  • It’s Positive

People like to spread positivity and a good vibe. Therefore, to create a viral blog post, you need to focus on something that inspires and turn it into a visual image by either quotes or inspiration picture.

  • Stir Emotions

People share content because it makes them feel something and would want others to feel the same.

  • Universal Appeal

To get more shares and engagements, you have to create content that a lot of people can relate to. This enables them to share when called to action.

With that said, let us dive into how you can create a viral blog post using Canva Free.

Step by Step Guide to using Canva

canva templates

This Guide will help you learn the basics and start designing your own customized blog images.

Here is what you will learn in this Article:

  • How to use Canva Templates
  • Creating your first Canva Design
  • Publishing or Downloading your Design
  • Design Tips

Canva Template

Canva Template refers to a customized design created by other designers to help anyone get a clue of how they can curate their own content.

How to Use Canva Templates

When you log in to Canva, you land on the Home page that shows you what Canva entails and different types of Templates.

Photo Credit: Canva

To design, Click create a design on the toolbar or search your preferred graphic that you would wish to work with.

On the left side, we have a menu that allows you to navigate to your brand kit, design folders, and your account settings.

Photo Credit: Canva

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Choosing Canva Templates

From a range of designs displayed, you can choose what you want and this will lead you to Canva editor which consists of the following:

Menu Bar

This is the top part of the editor consisting of the following features: undo, redo, share, download, etc.

Side Panel

This refers to the section on your left where you can pick your favorite template and elements to use on your design.


This refers to your working space, where you design and edit your template. It is usually the white section before picking any design. The templates are fully customizable hence you can pick a different font, background, color, and images.

To make sure that your design will be viral, make it as detailed as possible, incorporate the two aspects of ensuring you trigger emotions, encourage and make it universal.

Once you are contented with your design, you can either download or publish it.

blogging motivation

Tips on Creating Better Looking Designs

To stand out as a blogger, you need to be a good visual communicator hence formulate your own plan and strategies to put you ahead of the game. Here are some useful tips you should use:

  • Be consistent with Your Fonts

The appearance of your designs largely depends on your fonts. We always have one chance to create a good impression and if you crush it using that chance then you are on the right track. It is advisable to use two fonts in each design and make sure that they complement each other.

Best Fonts:

Professional – Baskerville, Bodoni, Feijoa, Garamond

Modern and Clean Font: Roboto, Gotham, Gill San, Avant-Garde

  • Illustrate Information

If you want your audience to be attracted to your content, you have to elaborate to make the information easily understandable. To do this, you can highlight the most important part of your design using different colors and fonts.

  • Keep it Simple

Though underrated, keeping your design simple has a great impact on your audience. Find a way of showcasing complicated things in a simple manner. Try to avoid unnecessary elements by making the main points stand out.


Properly designed designs can be the major source of your growth as a blogger. They create another way for people to discover your content when people share.

What is your major struggle when it comes to creating a viral blog post? Let me know via the comment section and help you solve it,

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