Free Ways to promote your Blogposts after you hit Publish in 2020

Thank you for stopping by, today I will be taking you through 8 Free Ways to promote your Blogposts after you hit Publish in 2020.

Every blogger dreams of success. To succeed, you need to promote your blog posts. However, not everyone has the financial capacity to do paid promotions always.

Then how do you promote your blog posts? In this article, I will be teaching you 6 kickass techniques to promote your blog for free and when done correctly, they will make you a blogging ninja.

Summary: How to promote your Blogposts for Free

This article is about the simple and fast yet result-oriented ways that you can use to promote your blog. Ready? Let’s jump into it:

  • Newsletter
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest Group Boards

Free Ways to promote your Blogposts after you hit Publish in 2020

1.Promote using a Newsletter

Speaking of Newsletter, I mean promoting your content to people who already love you- your email subscribers. Anyone who subscribes to your email list is definitely your biggest fan.

An email list is a good way of promoting your new content immediately you publish it. They signed up for relevant and informative updates so tap the opportunity by delivering the best content.

If you don’t have an email list, here is a piece of detailed information on how to create one and get you started: Beginner’s Guide to Create A Killer Email List

2.Promote using A Facebook Page

Facebook page is also a great platform hence can be used to increase your amount of traffic.

Facebook engagements have been dropping over the years but your loyal followers will always check for new updates. Don’t leave them hanging by updating your page when you have new content.

3.Facebook Groups

There is always an alternative for everything and for the case of Facebook, now that Page engagements are low, groups have become the goldmines.

Facebook groups are a big deal but occasionally, many bloggers fail in harnessing its power.

Mistakes that are done by Bloggers on Facebook Groups

  • Posting on random groups
  • Dropping links with no explanation
  • Failure to engage in respective groups
  • Posting on odd hours

Proper ways to post on Facebook Groups

  • Post your link where your target audience hangs
  • Caption your links with resourceful information
  • Be a participant in some of the groups you post in
  • Find the correct hours when most of the audience is active

4. Share on Twitter

Personally, I feel that twitter is underrated by many bloggers since it has the potential of making you blow as an icon. Create good content and tweet them to the world.

Advantages of using Twitter

  • Leads to more traffic
  • Has a higher engagement when properly used
  • The ability for others to retweet exposes your work globally
  • Can lead to more email subscribers

5. Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is a good platform since it acts as a search engine and a social media platform at the same time. This makes it beneficial.

To rank on Pinterest, pin your articles to your own boards.

Not on Pinterest? Join NOW

6.Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are collaborative boards where multiple users can pin their content for free. It gets you more exposure due to the audience in that group board.

To find the perfect group board in your niche, check out then type the relevant keyword.

That’s all future millionaires!

Free Ways to promote your Blogposts after you hit Publish in 2020


I hope this guide has helped and given you a different perspective on Free Ways to promote your Blogposts after you hit Publish. Let me know what you think via the comment section and share it to help other Bloggers and Brands.

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