phone photography, how to take good photos with your smartphone

Complete guide on phone Photography: How to Take Good Photos with your Phone.

Every brand requires promotion to grow and increase sales. The mode of promotion can be through social media, television, YouTube or Google Ads but one thing that is constant is the content.

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • What is Content?
  • The types of Content
  • Phone Photography
  • How to take good photos with your Phone

What is Content?

Content refers to a form of media created to pass a specific message to a target audience. For brands, the message might be intended to create awareness, generate sales, roll out offers, launch a new product or engage with customers.

Types of Content:

There are 8 popular types of content, namely:

  • Blogging
  • Long-form content
  • Case studies
  • White Papers
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Video

The type of content used depends on the brand, financial capabilities, and target audience. For most startups or individuals financing their own business, finances are always a big challenge. This hinders the content marketing strategy and the entire growth of the brand.

Now that you already know the 8 major types of content, it’s time we focus on photography. I know you are eager to learn so keep reading this article.

Why Photography?

Apart from videos, which can be quite expensive for startups, photography is one of the most engaging contents in the digital space. However, professional photography services might be expensive for some startup brands. But guess what? You can incorporate phone photography, shoot like a pro and use the pictures for your brand promotion.

But let me be honest: Taking a great photo on your smartphone is not as simple as ABC. There are various factors to be considered and put into practice, this article will take you through the details and help you improve your photography skills.

Phone Photography: How to Take Good Photos with your Phone. 10 Tips and Tricks

1. Use Gridlines to balance your Shot

Gridlines refer to the series of lines on your phone’s camera based on the rule of thirds. The lines help you take perfect and well-balanced shots. It also helps your target audience notice the point of interest naturally since the study reveals, that a human eye will naturally notice a point of interest in a photo.

This is a good strategy as it helps you emphasize what you want your audience to see.

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2. Set your camera Focus

Most of today’s phone is set on autofocus. This means that they automatically focus on the foreground of your frame. However, not every picture you take has an obvious image hence to the need to set your focus. This will help you get a clear and amazing shot.

To adjust the focus, open your Camera App and then tap where you want to sharpen the view.

3. Embrace the Negative Space

Negative Space refers to the empty space around your target. Such spaces are used to enhance photos from good to great.

Good examples include the sky, water bodies, empty field or a large wall. The spaces help a particular subject to stand out.

4. Find different Perspectives

Good photos largely depend on the angle the shot was taken from. The unexpected angles can make a photo more memorable by creating an illusion of the height and depth of the subject. Since most mobile photos are taken straight on or from a bird’s eye view, try taking the photo upward or at a slightly downward angle.

5. Look for Symmetry

Symmetry refers to the thin line between vague and real that brings out the balance between the two. Pictures with good symmetry are appealing to the eye, therefore if you want to capture audience attention, this is your ticket.

In photography, symmetry means creating a photo that can be divided into two parts that seem identical.

6. Take advantage of repetitive patterns.

Repetitive patterns are very pleasing to the eye and can create a strong visual impact. For brands, it helps in emphasizing or showcasing your point. If you want to convince someone, it is better to try to put across the same point in multiples. This shows your sequences and specialization in your craft.

7. Use Natural Light

Good photography generally depends on the light. However, It is hard to find a great smartphone photo that was taken with a flash. Most of the time they make the photo look overexposed a quality that will leave your target audience passing through your content.

To be on the safe side, take advantage of the natural source of light you can find, once you have taken the photo, play with the “Exposure Tool” in the photo editing App.

8. Buy a Mobile Tripod

A mobile tripod is one of the amazing and tools for all phone photographers. I consider it a piece of must-have equipment.  Although phones make it easy to take pictures, sometimes finding the perfect balance can be so hard. In fact, there has never been an easy way to ensure the shots stay balanced.

A mobile tripod allows you to mount your smartphone for steady shots an aspect of Phone Photography: How to Take Good Photos with your Phone.

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9. Set your Exposure Manually

I highly recommend setting your camera exposure manually. This can be done by tapping your camera screen which also refocuses on a new subject.  Setting your exposure manually determines the amount of light your camera lets in. This makes your pictures look professional without being overexposed.

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10. Take Candid’s

Posed photos are a great way of capturing memories. Happy moments with friends, family showcasing your brand or fun time can also be a great way to capture your target audience’s attention. Candid photos capture emotions in the best way possible, this makes it easier for your audience to relate and engage.

One of the best ways to capture this kind of shot is to take as many photos as possible. You will have more to choose from.

Did you learn a thing from this article? Let me know what you think via the comment section and share your experience. Those trying to crush it, let’s interact more on twitter: Gustaff Ndalo


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