Before we start, here are reasons to grow your Youtube Channel

Over the past few years, YouTube has grown to be one of the biggest video marketing platforms. There is no denying it, it has led to the rise of digital content creators, provided a source of income to music creators and led to the growth of businesses.

But who do I earn as a Music Creator on YouTube Using my YouTube Channel?

To earn as an artist, you need to grow your YouTube channel. Often referred to as the world’s second largest search engine after Google, YouTube can help your content be found and engaged with thoroughly.

Here are 5 effective ways you can grow your YouTube Channel.

Build Videos around a Single Keyword

Building your videos around one keyword/topic is one of the most underrated yet most effective ways to grow your YouTube channel. It may seem obvious but most people who are unaware of SEO best practices skip this daily while creating their YouTube Videos.

This aspect is crucial if you want your YouTube channel to get the maximum amount of viewers.

How to find the best keyword phrases

Try using keyword tool like keywordtoolio which is specific to YouTube to find the most searched keywords on YouTube for the specific niche that you are targeting. It is important to find a keyword before creating your video; this helps you to gather important information that will be beneficial to your target audience.

It also helps you to include your keyword in the content so YouTube can pick it up when closed captions are added.

Once you have figured out the right keyword, don’t forget to optimize your title and descriptions.

Engage with your Audience

Apart from being a video sharing platform, YouTube is also a social media channel and therefore interacting and engaging with your audience should be paramount. If you are just posting videos without encouraging comments then you are missing out.

YouTube algorithm rewards channel with the most engagement by recommending them to other viewers. Some of the considerations include the time spent on your channel, the watchtime, likes , dislikes and most importantly the comments on your YouTube Videos.

As a music creator, try as to engage and respond to everyone who takes their time to comment on your videos.

Brand yourself

So your channel is great. What about your channel? What about your image as an artist? How will your fans remember you? If you want your viewers to take your channel serious and subscribe, you need to look professional.

Branding helps you stand out as an artist and make YouTube viewers recognize your content. Use your unique selling point to brand yourself and carry the design to your channel. In addition to visual branding, add custom URL to your channel and write a compelling bio about yourself as a music creator.

Promote your YouTube Channel on Social Media

Promoting your YouTube channel in multiple social media platforms is the easiest way to grow you audience. One of the beautiful things about social media is that you can cross promote content on different platforms starting from Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Snap chat.

While promoting, post a teaser with a link redirected to the full video.

Post great Thumbnails

Thumbnails may seem like a small thing but they have a great impact and convincing power to your audience. In addition to this, YouTube advertises other videos via thumbnails in the sidebar and those with good thumbnails attract viewers and clicks while those with normal images may be assumed.

Same to search content, videos with catchy title and appealing thumbnail usually rank higher and attract more clicks.

Increase your Youtube channel uploading Frequency

To grow your audience, you need to increase your posting frequency to at least a video a week. As music creator, your fans need to hear from you frequently…it doesn’t necessarily mean releasing a new song daily. You can be creative and post videos of the behind the scenes, a day in your life or how to create instrumental.

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Such posts don’t need a huge funding for shooting and promotion, you can use your smartphone to shoot and edit with free video tools like Power Director or Viva Video. Consistency should be your ultimate goal if you want to grow your YouTube Channel.

Try to post at the same time every week and keep your audience updated when posting the video.

How are you growing your Channel? Let me know in the comments.


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