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Navelee Creative is an SEO and Content Writing AGENCY that was founded in 2018 with a sole aim to help, businesses and brand reach their target market or consumers through organic ranking.

When it comes to SEO and Content Writing we are the number one go-to option for every business and brand that needs to improve their Google rank and reach their target market because we are experienced and skilled when it comes to SEO and Content Writing.

SEO is an important aspect of marketing if you want to reach your audience organically. However, most people make mistakes while trying to optimize their web content for search engines while some people have no idea of how to use SEO or the tools at all.

However, before you think of SEO Optimization or hiring an expert, you need to have good content. Up to this point, I’m sure you heard of the “phrase content is king,” that is right…You need good content that provides value so that your readers will keep coming to your site.

Content is King…

Content writing is king

Once you have a good content, the next thing is to ensure you take advantage of the “Call to Action” this is very important if you want to convert your readers into customers and if yiu do not know how to make this happen, then NAVELEE CREATIVE takes the hustle of making it happen.

6 years ago, our founder Gustaff Naveli  was at the same place, he wanted to venture into the online businesses but he had no cash for advertisement. He managed to go against the odds and started his first website and managed it using his phone; His major problem was reaching the target audience. It took him time but  he eventually learnt how to use SEO.

Thereafter, the site started getting traction and a year later, he was nominated among the best entertainment bloggers for the BAKE AWARDS. He did not win but it paved ways for his writing career: an opportunity that led to the birth of Navelee Creative.

In 2018, he decided to create NAVELEE CREATIVE with a sole aim of helping others and provide tips and tricks on how to use best SEO TOOLS to grow businesses, brands and organizations.


To fulfill our mission of putting you ahead of your competitors, Navelee Creative has assembled the best writers and SEO Experts to improve your Google and Search Engine Ranking thus increasing your business exposure and connecting you with your clients, customers and target audience.

SEO and Content Writing

Navelee Creative is among the best SEO/Content writing companies dedicated to providing quality. We are a team of SEO Experts and content writers, who have developed strong writing and editing skills. For example one of our main duties is to research the topic, write quality content and then optimize it to ensure that Google ranks the content.


In particular, through our work as content writers, we have become heavily invested in learning about SEO TOOLS and how they are beneficial in different industries. We have always been eager to diversify and join other sectors thus the urge to work with you and bring our passion for writing in your company.

We are confident that our experience will bring value to your company for we have worked with different brands and companies globally.

Word from the Founder

After years of research and learning, I finally decided to follow my passion as writer and incorporate everything I learnt about SEO. My work is my world and if you choose me that means I’m giving you my world- Gustaff Naveli(Founder)

You need the best content to communicate with your clients and at Navelee Creative; we put your needs first. With a vast knowledge in market research, brand positioning, and SWOT Analysis, Navelee Creative connects you with clients organically.


Client Priority

We believe that the value of your money is more than should be reciprocated, At Navelee Creative we consider our clients as our first priority. We write content based on your outlines and give suggestions for improvements where necessary.

We treat your SEO and Content Writing Work like Ours

Navelee Creative has a team of writers who not only write for the money but we do it for a living. This means that we will do anything to make your project a success so that we make our ends meets. As sincere as it might sound, this is us.

We are in the writing industry because we love it and once love and passion are combined, the results are undeniably the best.

24/7 Client Support SEO and Content Writing

Our company workflow structure is designed that a professional from the team will always be available to offer support when clients reach out.


why choose us- seo and content writing service

100% Free Plagiarized Content

With a professional team of writers, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism when you hire us. The team is made up of SEO Experts and experienced writers who know the importance of originality and how to develop original content that converts readers to clients.

On-Time Projects Delivery

At Navelee Creative, we understand the importance of time. Our professional team of writers will always work around the clock to ensure your projects are delivered as agreed. Whether, it’s SEO, Web Content Writing or both, you will get high-quality results on time.

Affordable Writing Services

Our team of professional writers is always on toes to come up with the best content that fits your website and communicates with your target audience at an affordable price. We aim to reduce the bounce rates, so we put all our efforts into writing the best content on the internet.

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