Navelee Creative is a Digital Agency that specializes in Brand Development for Music creators by helping them embrace their uniqueness. It was founded in 2019 by Gustaff Ndalo, a black creator from Butere. (A small sub-county in Kenya).

About Gustaff Ndalo

gustaff ndalo

Just like every black kid raised by a hardworking mother and a stepfather, I had a dream to be a successful musician and inspire others through music. I focused on my education and finally qualified to join University in 2014. The same year, I recorded my first song before joining Maasai Mara University as an undergraduate for a Bachelors’ Degree in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management.

While at the university, I developed an intense interest in Brand development through content writing and made YouTube my learning Platform. I learned how to host a site on WordPress, essential WordPress Plugins, how to develop a website like a pro, how to create highly engaging content using YOAST SEO and last but not least, how to design using Canva.

With the knowledge, I started my first Entertainment Website in 2017. It was hosted by WordPress and focused on both local and International Artists.

I also managed to perform during school events, won the best dancer award and in 2018. The same year, i was nominated among the top 5 entertainment bloggers in Kenya for the BAKE AWARDS.

After four years, I finally graduated with a second class honors. It was time to get a job and make my mother proud but unfortunately, I had no good connections in the Agricultural sector and no organization responded to my Applications, I stayed with my mom and decided to shift my career.

How it all started

gustaff ndalo

The birth of NAVELEE

After 3 months of thorough research, I finally decided to follow my passion while incorporating everything I had learned about SEO and digital marketing.

Using my phone, canva and wordpress and 30USD(3000KSH) funding from my step father, I started NAVELEE CREATIVE putting out content whenever I had an idea.

One day, I received a call from the Founder of Riara Mini-Market who wanted me to manage their e-commerce website. It was an amazing opportunity that paved a way for my Brand Development Career.

Today, I mostly focus on Brand Development, writing Blogs and Review articles to promote Music Creators. I identify the Unique Selling Point of your talent then create Content that leads to conversion.

It is my goal to make you the Alpha in your Business – Gustaff Ndalo


1. Blog and Article Writing

2. Content Review

3. Website Updates

4. Brand Development

Why Choose Me?

You need the best content to communicate with your Clients and I’ll put your needs first. With a vast knowledge in market research, brand positioning and SWOT Analysis, Navelee Creative connects you with clients, creates awareness about your brand and helps you penetrate into a new market.


A well-known and profitable brand. Through Blog Reviews and Article writing, I will increase your Brand’s exposure by creating highly interactive and engaging content that sales your personality. It is time to build your Brand Success Story.

Thank you for choosing NAVELEE and feel free to share and leave a comment on what you think. Feel free to interact with the writer and give suggestions on FACEBOOK