Navelee is a site meant to help Beginner Bloggers get on their feet. I provide resourceful information and tips on how to use Social Media tools and Features to convert Friends and Followers to Blog Readers.

Our mission is to help Beginner Bloggers attain self-employment by Growing their Blog Business.

Who Am I?

Hello! I’m Gusty Naveli the founder of  www.navelee.com

I help brands, businesses, bloggers and online entrepreneurs start, grow and earn through their websites and blogs. After blogging for 2 years, a second class honors degree in the School of Business and Economics, I was nominated among the top 5 best bloggers in Kenya BAKE AWARDS. I have helped bloggers and organizations create income-generating blogs so feel free to ask for testimonials.

How it all started

I’ve always been into blogging and making money online since I joined university back in 2014. During my third year in 2017, I started an entertainment blog (DARKSALES)  focusing on music, celebrities and promoting artists who used to pay to be featured on my website.

Three months later, I was nominated among the best entertainment bloggers in the country for BAKE AWARDS thus my biggest achievement as a beginner. I later bought a self-hosted site www.darksasles.co.ke in 2018 as an upgrade for my previous blog.

The same year, I created a news blog (SASSA NEWS) and Human Rights blog for Samrine Integrated Educational Program where I volunteered as a content creator to help promote the organization before taking a freelance job with Campus Radio Kenya.

In 2019 I closed my website to reinvent my style and started researching more on digital marketing tips and SEO.

The birth of NAVELEE

After 3 months of thorough research, I finally started my new blog while incorporating everything I had learned about SEO and digital marketing. I started it as a Relationship blog but as weeks passed by, I started receiving emails from people who wanted their websites designed like mine and helped in promoting their websites.

I decided to help and their feedback and appreciation are what led to a change of mind. Some offered to donate and help me write an eBooks to help other bloggers improve their blogs and content and that is when I finally decided to shift and help brands, bloggers and online entrepreneurs start, grow and earn via their websites and blog.

Today, I mostly focus on writing articles and creating tutorial YouTube Videos to grow businesses using blogs.

Why Choose Me?

I will help you:

  • Get traffic and grow your blog audience
  • Use social media to build relationships
  • Write SEO optimized content
  • Learn via YouTube Tutorials
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learn from business moguls like Gary Vee, Robert Kiyosaki, and Bill Gates by providing you with their analyzed business tips, advice, and ideas


I love singing, dancing and playing badminton. I spend most of my free time creating dance videos that you can check out via my Instagram Account.

Thank you for choosing NAVELEE and feel free to share and leave a comment on what you think. Feel free to interact with the writer and give suggestions on FACEBOOK