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What is report writing?

Reports are documents that communicate information for a specific audience. They often analyze situations or particular problems and then make recommendations as required. For this purpose, they need to be properly organized, concise, well-structured, and have a clear purpose.

The major purpose of report writing is to inform the target audience about particular topics. Facts and not personal opinions are encouraged. The tone used should always be formal.

Reports are classified depending on their purpose. They include:

 – Formal and informal reports.

 – Periodic reports.

 – Academic reports.

Project reports.

Functional reports.

Long and short reports.

Vertical and lateral reports, to mention but a few.

We are preparing and planning for your report.

This stage is the most critical and time-consuming compared to the others because if a report is not properly planned for, valuable time will be wasted writing a report that is not up to standard, one that does not meet the target’s objectives audience and please them.

The following four major steps have been suggested as guidelines to plan an effective report :

a) Clearly outline the purpose of the report.

Determining the purpose of the report makes it easier to know the type of audience expected, and this will, in turn, make the information that needs to be collected easy.

In this step, analyze the problem, scope, limitations, and methods used to gather information.

b) Knowing the audience

Knowing your audience will give you a rough idea of planning your investigation, how to research, and how to present the report finally.

c) What ideas will be in this report, and how will they be collected.

Methods that you will use to collect the ideas are briefly outlined in this section, and the ideas collected are organized and evaluated.

e) Prepare the final outline

The final outline will organize the content, facts, and analysis. The organization is according to their importance; the most important ideas are outlined first, and then the others follow.

A chronological arrangement works best.

Format of writing a report.

Reports have a structure that is the same generally, but specific details may be different in some cases. This difference depends on the length of the said report, how formal it has to be, and the type; whether it is an annual report or an academic report.

Cheap Report Writing Service

Depending on the type of the report, the structure can include:

a) Title Page

In this section, include the title of the report, the date you prepared  the report ( or when it is submitted if you’re not presenting it ), and the name of the author (s)

b) Table of contents

The report’s length will determine a table of contents – a 3 to 4 paged report would not require a table of contents that a 35 to 40 paged report would.

c) Summary

The summary mainly consists of the most important points, the recommendations, and finally, the conclusion. It is an overview of what is in the report. Some people read the summary part to get a gist of what is in the report; therefore, be sure to include all the important information in this section.

Writing the summary after you’re done writing the report is advisable to ensure no relevant information is left behind.

d) Introduction

In the introduction, you will provide a brief background of the report’s topic and state its main purpose. Let the reader know what your report will cover, clarify key terms, and indicate the scope of the report highlighting limitations and the methods used to gather information.

The introduction can be a paragraph to one page long, depending on the type of report being written.

e) Body

The body is where all the information is. In this section, you can use technical terms and jargon depending on the report. The points should be organized so that the least important information comes last and the most important information comes first.

f) Discussion

This section follows the body to give more points on the report’s findings and state their significance majorly.

g) Conclusion

The conclusion is a brief of what is covered in the report. It should be well crafted as most readers will only read the introduction and the conclusion.

You should not include new information.

h) Recommendations and References

Recommendations are action plans on how to solve the issues or improve them. Make them realistic and list the references that have been used in the process of collecting information for your report.

i) Appendices

In this section, you include all the further information that is not part of the report already but is relevant to the topic discussed. It includes the raw data collected, tables, charts, graphs, and many more.

Report presentation and the style format.

People who read reports want to look at them and quickly get all the information they need. Because of this, the report needs to be simple, clear, and concise.

Cheap Report Writing Service

To make the report have this impact on a reader :

   ▪︎You can use headings and subheadings in the report to identify the various topics and break them down into digestible pieces for the reader. This will help in the long run because they can be listed in the contents and make it easier for readers to find.

   ▪︎ Lists keep the report organized. These can either be hyphenated, bulleted, or even-numbered.

   ▪︎ Using the active voice when writing a report gives it perspective as it uses fewer words, and the emphasis is placed on the people or on the things that are responsible for specific actions.

   ▪︎ Proofread the report to ensure there are no mistakes whatsoever and keep it simple and concise. Navelee Creatives offer proofreading services that make sure that the report communicates the intended message.

   ▪︎ The appendix should be kept small to ensure that it is not too burdensome.

   ▪︎ Sticks to observable facts.

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