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Emails are messages that are sent by electronic means to one or more users through a verified network. It is the most used feature of the I telnet because it enables receiving and sending messages from anywhere in the world because it is easily accessible and very cheap.

Most businesses have adopted Cold Email because it is an effective way to chat with customers, look for new customers, and retain new and old customers.

Electronic mails are popular because of their reliability. Online stores and businesses are adopting it because it enables them to accomplish a lot more in a very limited time.

Here are three main types of emails used by businesses and online stores:

a) Transactional emails

Transactional emails solidify an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and the recipient. The most common transactional emails are confirmations and receipts. Once a customer has made an order online and receives these emails containing details about their orders.

Sometimes, transactional emails allow users to reset passwords that they have forgotten. They have a huge open rate, so users and customers are more likely to see them.

b) Email newsletters

Newsletters are marketing tools that have proved to be so effective because they keep a brand credible as it is a good way to market your content.

These kinds of emails inform your target audiences of news about new products and updates about your business. They should contain polls and updates about deals and discounts.

c) Behavioral emails.

These are follow-up emails after a consumer visits your website or your social media pages. Sending these emails is an effective way to help increase sales and customer engagement.

They fall into two categories;

   ▪︎ Conversions – these mainly give thanks for subscriptions or purchases.

   ▪︎ Activities that can either be social or on-site – these types mainly target those users who have interacted with the websites. They aim at making them customers.

However, at Navelee Creative, we also deal with formal emails, sales emails, personal emails, professional emails, custom emails, and introductory emails. We can write and send whatever email you want us to.

Our emails have the following elements:

a) Subject.

It is an important part of any electronic mail. It should tell your customers or your target audience what your email entails. Strong subject lines have a higher opening rate.

b) Greetings

A proper salutation can easily help the recipient of your email know who the message in the email is directed to.

c) Introduction

Should use simple language and be brief. State the purpose of your mail in the introduction.

d) The Body

The body contains detailed information you intend to deliver.

e) Conclusion

It should be clear, specific, formal, and concise otherwise, the prospect won’t respond if there’s a need for one. An email signature is optional, but you can include showing professionalism.

Why choose us Navelee Creative Cold Email Writing Service?

By choosing to hire us, we guarantee 100% original content to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Our email writing services are unique to meet your needs specifically. We proofread and edit your emails before sending them out to clients because an email full of spelling and grammatical errors creates bad impressions.

Subject lines are important when writing emails. Our professionals create subject lines that are captivating to encourage many people to open and read them.

Our professionals make sure that the contents in your emails are SEO-friendly. They use their skills and knowledge to your advantage.

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