Content Writing Services for Small Businesses

Before we dive into Content Writing Services for Small Businesses, what is content writing?

Content writing refers to the process of scripting information to serve a particular purpose. For business, the content can increase leads, convince customers, improve sales or launch a new product in the market. For whatever reason it might be, content writing is essential in all businesses.

Creating and sharing information plays a vital role in all businesses because it allows customers to learn about the business and compare various companies before making purchases. If you invest in good content writers like NAVELEE CREATIVE, you stand a chance of beating your competitors.

As a business owner, you should take advantage of your website to reach out to a targeted audience through blog posts and articles that provide relevant answers to a product that consumers are looking for in the market.

Good quality content about a particular product or service will allow the customers to get detailed information such as where to buy it, the price, the qualities, how to use it, and finally, why they should buy from you as the provider rather than your competitor.

The ability to write good content is crucial in the business world. That is why college students are taught how to write business essays and writing skills because it is essential in the real world.

5 Reasons why Content Writing is Important in Businesses

For Communication purposes

Communication is an important aspect when it comes to business operations. The execution and day-to-day flow activities depend on how information is sent and received by various recipients. If you convey information correctly, the intended party will get it and execute it as required.

However, communication is more than just verbal; for some instances, the information can be written, for example, emails, letters, reports, and brochures, which is why you should learn good writing skills. Regardless of the career path you choose, content writing plays a significant role in conveying information from one subject to another.

Helps in Growing your Business

As stated earlier, a business can take advantage of blog posts to write detailed information about their business’s products and provide a solution to problems that people are currently experiencing.

Such information posted on social media when targeting the right audience can grow a business. For example, you have a company that sells skincare products; you can create a detailed and honest blog post of how your skincare reduces acne, then give dive more in-depth on how to use it and how people can purchase at affordable prices.

When you share such information on social media accompanied by proof results, you stand a chance of getting few clients who may share your products with their friends and, in turn, grow your business. Therefore, invest time in coming up with highly engaging product reviews through content writing.

Content Writing Services for Small Businesses

Influence Buyers Decisions

Content has the power to influence buyers’ decisions into taking actions such as bulk buying or buying a product they had not intended. Depending on your ability to convince the customers, you can increase your revenue through articles, posts, and sentences on social media.

Nowadays, people run businesses without physical structures because they can use written content to tell more about what they offer then get in touch with the customers during the delivery process. To reach this level, you must be good at influencing and convincing the public, which you can achieve by coming up with high-quality content with a call to action.

Build and Maintain Business Trust

You can use Good content to build and maintain business trust. When a business regularly updates its website with detailed and informative content about various products or services and terms of use, such information attracts customers who continuously use the product or service.

Detailed and honest information builds their trust in the business, and within time, they become part of the loyal clients because they have faith in that business.

Promote your brand

Based on your ability to offer particular services, you are automatically a brand. Unfortunately, people fail to use content to maximize this factor. With good content writing skills, you have the opportunity to present yourself as a professional.

Once people see such information, be sure that you will get clients in the long run if you keep using content writing as your marketing strategy.

Once you know the importance of Content writing in your business, it is crucial to know which type of content to use and works better with your target audience.

5 Types of Written Content suitable for Businesses

Once you chose to promote your business through content writing, you have to be well versed with different types of written content and experiment extensively to see the kind of content that works effectively for your business model.

You can start with the following:

Blog posts

Blog posts are a form of content writing commonly used by brands worldwide. They are effective due to the high conversion rate and ability to help a business rank on Google and other search engines when adequately optimized. (Using SEO to Grow your Small Business).

Purpose of Blog Posts

  • Inform customers and prospects about your business
  • Highlight a company’s expertise when it comes to a particular field
  • Give detailed information about a company’s product or service.
  • Create brand awareness about a business

Types of Blog Contents to Write for your Business

  • How To Blogs: They are meant to give elaborate information about a particular subject
  • Company News: They provide updates on the business progress
  • Tips: Blog posts meant to share your expertise with the general public

The list is endless, but you can use those mentioned above while starting.


For brands planning to expand their market base and reach a particular target audience, EBooks are an excellent way for lead generation because they provide detailed information about a specific subject that loyal customers are interested to know.

EBooks can be offered as a digital download for free on a company’s website or be listed on public e-commerce sites for sale with the sole purpose of building the business reputation.

Product Content and Guide

It is a type of content meant to provide detailed information about the products a business offers and how you can use or acquire them. The data include details such as the name, prices, dimensions, and descriptions.

A useful guide should be elaborate, telling the customers how to use the products step by step, and this is what proves the level of professionalism a business can offer.


According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 90% of the people who undertook the study revealed that they were influenced to buy products and use services based on other clients’ online reviews.

Using Testimonials in your business shows that you are legit, making people consider buying your products or services. Therefore, take time to ask for testimonials from your satisfied clients and ask a good writer to put the details into words.

Case studies

Content Writing Services for Small Businesses

Finally, writing case studies is the right way of influencing customers to purchase from your business because they prove how effective your products or services are based on customers’ honest opinions.

Case studies can be used to convince more customers to try using your services and at the same time help your business ranking through SEO optimization. Therefore, it is a good idea to publish a case study when you want to show your sales records, differentiate your company from competitors, and show the amount of satisfaction people get from using your services.

Content Writing Tools for Small Businesses

Here are some amazing tools to help you improve your content writing game:

Tips for Writing Good Content for your Business

The internet has offered every business an opportunity to write or tell their stories on one platform where anyone from the world can access. It was more comfortable at first, but with the growing number of online businesses, the field is saturated, and only companies with great content can stand out.

When customers come to your website only to find information that does not answer their questions, they will bounce back to find your competitor who has more detailed answers to what they want. Therefore, make sure the person in charge of your website content writing is skilled. Here are some tips to consider when writing content for a business website.

Make the information relevant and Valuable.

When users search for a keyword on search engines, they expect relevant information to leave them informed at the end of the day. If they click your site only to find irrelevant or outdated information, the next action is to bounce and look for a place with answers to their questions.

Write precise information

Sometimes it is important to be short and clear when explaining important details. Therefore, try to get to the point rather than writing long paragraphs without key information.

Write assertively

Nobody knows a product more than the creator, which is why you are tasked with informing the general public about what you sell. Take charge and write with authority because you are the only person who can give out the finer details of what the product or service is all about,

Make your content user-friendly.

As a business, it easy to drown in the world of SEO while trying so hard to optimize your content for search engines to rank the webpages. However, trying so hard is a harmful SEO practice that you should avoid.

Your content needs to be natural, readable, and engaging with your audience because it is the only way they will stick around and reader 2000 words article to get the point you are trying to put across.

Proofread your Content before Publishing

Grammatical errors can be a huge turn-off for your audience; simple spelling and grammar mistakes show the level of unprofessionalism. If you want your audience to take your business seriously, you have to be ready to put in the effort and write content that portrays professionalism.

Creating great content for your business website can be challenging; use the above tips to guide you through or hire a professional content writing service.

Best Content Writing Service for all your Business needs

Content is critical, and for a successful website, you need great content that can keep visitors exploring and learning more about your business. Research conducted by Times Magazine revealed that most people who check business sites stay minute or less.

Is that time enough for customers to make a decision and buy your products or services? NO. Therefore, you need a team of professional writers capable of writing highly engaging and converting content for your website.

At Navelee Creative, that is one of our superpowers. We have a team of writers good at creating content for any business, so you don’t have to worry about your content writing tasks.

Our Content Writing Services

Blog Writing Services

We offer blog post writing services to various business categories. If you run a small business that you wish to start getting an audience through your website, reach out to us.

Article Writing Services

There is a slight difference between a blog post and an article, which might not be apparent to many people. An article is a written content based on facts about a particular field of expertise. At the same time, a blog post is a written content in a specific area based on personal experiences.

Therefore, if you need an Article for your business, we shall be happy to write comprehensive and detailed information for you.

Web copywriting Services

We also offer web copywriting services specifically meant to convert and increase sales. The content is purely based on an advertising strategy about a particular product or service. If your business is launching or has a new product meant to be introduced into the market, we are here to help you.

Content Writing Services for Small Businesses

SEO Service

For businesses with websites but struggling to rank on keywords with a good search volume in your industry, you need an SEO expert to help you out. Our team comprises specialists who are good at coming up with a content strategy to improve your search ranking. Let us help you grow your small business today.

EBook Writing Services

Our team of professional writers is good at writing articles in a different field; therefore, if you need an EBook to sum up your skills, then we got your back.

Guest Blogging Services

For individuals, brands, and businesses with dormant blogging sections, feel free to reach out for collaborations and hire an expert to produce quality content that helps your website rank.

Blog Management Services

With the experience earned from managing this site, it’s pretty clear that we can do a perfect job for you. Our blog management services entail running the entire blog while you sit back and relax. Reach out and let us do the heavy lifting.

Are you ready to hire a professional writer? REACH OUT.


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