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We take advantage of your unique selling point as a business and combine it with creativity to create the best-in-class eBooks. Convert your readers to loyal customers Today!

You are probably wondering how much it costs to hire an eBook writer. I can’t speak for all the eBook writing services. But if you want a professional eBook writer from NAVELLE CREATIVE, it depends on the number of pages. As a business trying to break into the new market, an eBook is a good medium to use.

Different business uses eBooks for different reasons. As a small business, you change to use the eBook to create more leads for your business. Take advantage of the digital medium and the best eBook writing service to stay ahead of your competitors.

eBook Writer Online

There is various software you can use to create an eBook online. However, as a business owner, it might be time-consuming to spend all your time writing an eBook. You are supposed to concentrate on major business operations. Let professional eBook writers take care of your eBook writing.

Creating a good eBook that converts all your readers into loyal customers takes more than a day. As a business owner, how many free days do you have to write an eBook? Balancing between running your business and starting a writing expedition is enough to leave you devastated.

To solve such issues, you can hire an eBook writer online. At Nave lee Creative, we are open to working with business owners from different industries such as:

If you have been thinking of writing your eBook, now is the time.

ebook writing services

Hire Professional eBook Writers

At this point, you are one step to having your eBook.  Our professional writers work around the clock to make sure that you get a quality eBook that will help you generate traffic to your business website.

You can also use the eBook to capture the lead and convert the readers to loyal customers. Isn’t that the goal of your business? We can make it possible. Writing an eBook is among the hardest tasks you have to accomplish if you need results. Let us help you. Our professional eBook writers will provide a high-quality eBook to grow your business.

Our eBook Writing Process.

Nobody understands your business than you. To get good and professional results, we take time to engage with the owner or assistant person in a good position to tell us more about your business. Our goal is to identify the unique selling point of your brand.

There is no new business under the sun. What makes you stand out is your unique selling point. Through a one-on-one meeting with our founder, we can establish what makes you unique. Based on that, we come up with a topic idea. However, some businesses already have a topic. We accept that and help figure out the right angle to approach it.

We aim to ensure we can work together and come up with the best eBook. After all, you are our client, and we aim to keep you ahead of your competitors. Once we agree, it is time for the eBook writers to get into work.

We take the time to do extensive research about the market putting together facts that make you the best. Once we are done, the writers will start writing the eBook. The duration depends on the number of pages you request.


Number Of Pages  2550100
Cover DesignFully DesignedFully DesignedFully Designed
Duration1 week2 Weeks3 Weeks
Satisfaction100% Customer Satisfaction100% Customer Satisfaction100% Customer Satisfaction
Total Charges$ 300$ 550$1000

Why should you choose us to write your eBook?

To those in doubts as to why you should hire Navelee Creative, here are some facts:

All our writing services are written from scratch. We take the time to study your business industry and come up with facts that will make you stand out. We incorporate creativity and the value of your products to tell stories that will influence customers. Our writers accept unlimited revision if you feel there is a need for improvement.

ebook writing services

At no point shall we close the deal until our client is satisfied.