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Ghostwriting services by Navelee Creative

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is writing anything that is officially attributed to another person or a separate entity than oneself. However, the practice and reality aren’t the same things hence a broader definition; they may be the unseen authors behind an account or authors of an article on behalf of someone for social media purposes.  So by anyone’s account, ghostwriting doesn’t involve any instance in which the name or by-line and the actual author differ in person. So if you want a broader view of ghostwriting, you could exclude things like social media and writings that are not attributed to any individual at all but rather to a collective group of people. A more classical definition is therefore writing books on behalf of authors, and examples are:

Celebrity memoirs

Corporate blogs




Commercial articles etc.

Why use ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriters are hired for various reasons. Some of the reasons that we shall discuss broadly include the ability to communicate a proposition, lack of time, patience, and writing skills to tell compelling stories and to keep up with demands.

Ghostwriting Services
  • Lack of ability to communicate a proposition.

There are differences in writing abilities among people, especially those who would like to communicate an idea or proposition in written form to persuade them to adopt the proposition. An example can be business executives whose entrepreneurial skills aren’t matched with their ability to clearly and convincingly communicate a company’s value proposition. This compels them to hire a ghostwriter to do well.

  • Lack of time, patience, and writing skills to get the job done.

Sometimes a person may want to come up with compelling articles about a topic, but barriers and setbacks such as busy schedules, which are recurring and hard to avoid as well as lack of patience to complete the task at handstands in their way. An example is a VIP who lacks the time and patience to tell his somewhat compelling story and therefore hires a ghostwriter with a good reputation and skill to have the job done on their behalf.

  • To keep up with audience demand.

Publishers may often provide a ghostwriter with details containing a doctrine of a story’s elements, from characters to voice and setting, and ghostwrite based on that package’s materials. This is often done to satisfy the demand from readers who can’t have enough of a good publication. Hence publishers often hire multiple ghostwriters to churn out books under a single publisher’s name.

Reasons to work for a ghostwriting company.

Professional ghostwriting services, e.g., from a company like Navalee Creative, has advantages which include:

Saving your money

When you consider salaries and other benefits paid to full-time employees, not including taxes and equipment costs, the process gets expensive fast. However,  outsourcing content to a professional ghostwriting service, you can avoid all the extra costs by just paying for content only when you need it. Statistics indicate that great savings can be made when using a ghostwriter compared to when in house writing.

Best way to scale your Business.

If you need a consistent volume of content creation,  outsourcing writing to a ghostwriting service is the only way to create a lot of content while also staying within a low budget. This utilizes an outsourced army of writers to get large amounts of content written within very short periods. It also takes care of volume fluctuations for companies that see seasonal fluctuations in their content creation endeavors.

Saves time.

Formulating keywords, topic ideas, and content schedules consume enough of a business owner’s time, which leaves very little time devoted to writing the content. Most of them do not have a lot of time to spare for content writing. Using Navelee Creative ghostwriting services, offsetting all the writing responsibilities gives you more time to strategize while also getting a lot of content written to feed your campaigns.

Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting offers a fresh writing perspective.

The more time spent in a specific industry, the harder it gets to generate fresh ideas and perspectives on certain topics. Having access to many ghostwriters eliminates this problem since each writer can bring a new perspective to an old subject. Using ghostwriters also helps to tap into the diversity of hundreds of writers from different locales with varying industries of expertise. This can be extremely useful in supporting your business behind the scenes.

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