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Press Release Writing Service

Are you looking for the best Press Release Writing Service or struggling to write the best release that will convert the general public into loyal customers? Don’t worry. NAVELEE CREATIVE is here to help you with all your Public Relations content. Regardless of your business niche, location or product, we understand what the market needs.

The market needs trust in your products or services. If you can make it happen, then you are ahead of all your competitors. The internet has enabled businesses to reach consumers. Now you can write an e-press, post on your website, and reach customers worldwide.

However, it takes a good knowledge of SEO and Content Writing to pull this off. We are here to offer that as the best SEO and Content Writing Service trusted by different clients such as Custom Writings Help, My Class Work Help, and Quality Custom Writers.

With low prices, we offer a high-quality press release writing service like no other agency. We care about our customers and their need to grow their businesses. It is, therefore, our priority to tell your story in a way that will sell your brand through a press release.

What is a Press release?

Professional press release writing service

A press release refers to marketing content that is rolled out to the public as news copy. The media and the general public consider it as news. Therefore, to make it worth highlighting, a professional press release writing service should turn the marketing content into breaking news.

When you have a new announcement, such as a business launch, product launch, or expanding your company, take advantage of the press release. A press release enables you to reach a wide audience if it is done right. It will put your business in the limelight and fulfill your intended purpose.

At Nave lee Creative, we have professional press release writers who understand the power of mass media and how to channel for businesses. Whether your business is service-based or product-based, you can count on us.

How to write a good press release for a service?

Writing a press release for a service is not different from the product. However, every marketer should ensure it is effective and up to date. You need to think like a journalist because you need media coverage. Here are some tips for writing the best press release for a service:

Pitch a good Story

A good story will always win. Regardless of how many facts you are trying to show the public, it would help if you had a story to get their attention. Make the story memorable and easy to find. If they can remember it, then you have won.

Make your story Valuable.

Business is a winning game. For small businesses that need media coverage, you have to think of what you bring to the table. Will your story benefit the audience of a particular publication? It is easier for it to be picked when the story provides value.

Follow the Inverted Pyramid Method.

The inverted pyramid is a method that highlights important aspects fast. Start with the primary information that interests your intended audience before listing the secondary details. After that, you can add additional information about your business.

What is a Press Release Formant? : Follow the AP Style

The journalist uses the AP Style while writing a press release. It is a good idea to use the same format that is easy to read. Using the format makes it easier for the publications to check it out, increasing the probability for distribution.

How do I distribute a press release?

Once you are done writing the press release, here comes the task of distributing. This is a major hassle to a lot of businesses. It requires connection and marketing skills to reach your intended audience. Guess what? Navelee Creative has all the answers.

 There are various ways to distribute your press release. You can use a distribution service that will take charge of distributing your content to thousands of digital, print, and radio or television outlets. It is one of the recommended methods but largely depends on your budget.

The second way is by picking journalists from various publications; you can hand deliver your press release or mail them with the hopes that they will check out.  Regardless of how big your target outlet is, you stand the chance of your story being covered.

Hire the Best Press Release Writers

Our experts draft a press release that is enticing and worth a headline in any media outlet. Let us do the heavy lifting in preparation for your business success. They have years of experience in writing featured stories and press releases for business.

Press Release Writing Service

Skilled writers will write your content the proofread it with competent editors to avoid grammatical errors. We deliver the best. By scheduling a meeting with our founder, we make it easy to have a one-on-one talk with a professional who will delegate the duties to the perfect writer or do it personally, depending on your instructions. We value our customers, book an appointment and let us grow your business.