Product Description Writing Service

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What is the product description?

The product description is an article or a document that explains what particular products are and why people should purchase them. It gives customers a brief overview of a product and its benefits.

Things are getting digitized quickly resulting in the rise in online shops. Customers, therefore, have a variety of products to choose from, and it’s not easy for your online shop to stand out as a result. The product description is therefore useful as they make you more visible on the online platforms.

Navelee Creative offers a Product description writing service for online shops bringing in more sales and traffic to your sites.

Elements of an effective product description.

Product Description Writing Service

Since the main goal of writing product descriptions is to sell products, here are elements to consider.

a) The language should be persuasive.

Use powe words. Certain words hold more ‘power’ than others. Using these words will make your product descriptions better and stand out among others.

Such words include ‘must have’ or ‘stock almost finished.’ They make your description better as they have a sense of urgency.

b) Use SEO keywords.

SEO optimization is the best way to attract customers who are new to your page.

Using keywords and phrases in the descriptions makes it easier for consumers to find your product. It becomes easy to optimize your product descriptions for search engines when you understand your target consumers. Get a free quote and let us help you do the market research and find the right keywords.

c) Clearly explain the benefits of the product.

A paragraph or two should be enough to explain the product’s features and benefits. Give vivid details on how it will help potential customers how to use the product.

Use bullets to highlight every benefit for easy visibility.

d) Always offer reviews.

Allow the customers to share their thoughts about the products, whether good or bad. New customers are likely to believe reviews than a sales pitch. Reviews also enable you to improve by learning from what customers need.

e) Compare products.

This has not been proven to be so effective before but there’s no harm in trying. In your description, show why your product is better than others in terms of quality or benefits.

To do this, include a short list below your product description and make sure these facts are highlighted for consumers to read.

f) Use images of good quality.

Images of your product are an important part of the description. Consumers check the image before they read the description or even the reviews if there are any.

Studies show that customers are likely to purchase a product they can hold, feel and see. Therefore, good quality images and videos that bring out the product’s benefits fill that gap to help make sales.

Here are free sites to get quality images.

Importance of professionally written product description.

At Navelee creative, our main goal is to make your product stand out on the Internet. We strictly follow SEO guidelines and make sure your page or website also attracts customers. We keep clients posted on the descriptions’ progress and allow them to look at the descriptions and approve them before we publish.

The Internet is filled with online shops that have the same products with the same images same descriptions. Having a professional do this for you makes your online market unique. Navelee creative has a team of professionals that you can trust to produce authentic content for your descriptions.

Our Product Description Writing Service ensures all the basics are covered. We include information like the product’s actual size and care by using the right keywords.

There are two types of product descriptions: accurate and impressionistic descriptions. Accurate descriptions are factual and seek to inform the consumer about the product, while impressionistic descriptions seek to arouse the consumer’s emotions. Professionals know when to use either of the two to increase sales and traffic to your online shops.

Online shops evolve; therefore, it is important to use authentic and original descriptions. Navelee Creative will constantly analyze how the product performs and use that data to review, revise and make better descriptions based on the consumer’s current needs. Email us for Product Description Writing Service:

Product Description Writing Service