SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

SEO is important for any business that relies on Google for visibility. The internet is saturated with businesses trying to reach their prospects. Therefore, it is challenging for small businesses to compete with a major business that offers the same services.

Companies spend a lot of money when it comes to advertisements to reach prospects. It is avoidable when you come up with good SEO strategies for your business. To help you grow, Navelee Creative offers SEO services designed for you. Our team of experts helps you with Local SEO and On-Page SEO services to achieve organic reach with a friendly budget.

We make it possible for you to compete with the big companies and reach your customers.

How Can I do SEO for my Small business?

With Navelee Creative as your partner, we turn impossibilities into reality. Many companies have no understanding of the best SEO Strategies for Small Businesses, and we don’t blame anyone for that. As a business owner, your role is to make the right decisions and implement strategies to ensure your growth.

One of the best and valuable decisions is hiring the best SEO service, provider. With a team of SEO experts, we will help you develop the perfect content strategy to generate leads and increase your business revenue.

We aim to write high-quality SEO Optimized content based on your industry keywords to increase your website traffic. Here is our effective strategy:

Keyword Strategy

Navelee Creative takes time to study your business and the general market. After that, we select high-volume keywords that are relatable to your products or services. We make sure it is what your clients are searching for, and it aligns with your goals. Once everything is set, we execute an SEO writing strategy and roll out a tactic to ensure customers find your website.

Based on the keywords, implement both the Local SEO and On-Page SEO for your business.

Technical SEO Service

The majority of small businesses ignore the technical aspect of search engine optimization. Apart from the content you create, your website features also play a major role in your overall ranking. You need to optimize your website for crawling and the indexing phase. It will help various search engines to crawl and index your web pages based on the relevant information you provide.

Navelee Creative helps you leverage over 100 optimization factors that will put you ahead of your business competitors.

Small Business Link Building

You have probably heard of backlinks. Generating backlinks is essential when it comes to SEO optimization because it helps you increase your domain authority.

In six months, you will be outpacing all the major companies and ranking on the same pages.

Is SEO worth it for Small Businesses?

SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

Yes. Every business has a major goal of increasing sales, and that is why SEO is worth it for small businesses. Customers need to find your website for them to buy your products and services. If you take your time and type a particular product on Google, you will see results from companies like Amazon.

They use specific keywords related to a particular service and product, and if you manage to optimize your website, customers will find you too.

The secret to staying ahead of business competitors is providing the answers. Navelee Creative is an SEO and Content Writing Agency for small businesses, and we spend days and nights creating SEO Strategies for Small Businesses.

Whether you are a local business or small eCommerce store to reach your clients, all you need is SEO for small businesses. It is one of the certain ways of ensuring you have monthly revenue generated by your business through organic reach. But with the increase in SEO competition, it is hard to break through on your own and rank on the top pages.

Fortunately, it takes consistency and high-quality content to compete with any business in your niche when it comes to SEO for small businesses. Therefore, Navelee Creative has created a highly effective SEO and Content Strategy that guarantees results to all our clients.

Here is how we can help you (Small Business SEO Strategy)

Our aim to put you where you belong as a business. If you spent a better time starting a reputable business, we believe that people need to see it. However, the internet works; differently it only ranks businesses based on users’ needs. You did a good job starting your small business, and now it is our turn to help you break into the market.

We use advanced SEO Strategies for Small Businesses that give you the chance to compete with businesses that have been in existence for over a decade. Google provides the level ground where everyone can reach the customers, and we provide the strategies to help you climb the ladder.

Our first step is to take the time and analyze your market. The aim is to study a range of factors such as traffic volume, the type of keywords, and the type of content your competitors create. After that, we select a range of keywords with the biggest and potential returns for your business.

The information is then presented to our in-house small business SEO consultant for evaluation. Our goal is to ensure we come up with an effective strategy that suits your business budget. No matter how saturated your market may appear, we will find a way to put you ahead of your competitors.

We use the best SEO tools and SEO experts to create content and a backlink strategy. In no time, your website will start ranking, and we shall provide the analytics to show you the results.

SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

Use the Right Keywords for your Business

Your customers are among the active users spending time searching for products or services online. To drive traffic to your website, you need to identify the words they search while looking for your products. You can start by creating a list of 20-50 keywords related to your business industry.

Best Tools for Keyword Research:


Moz Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

The tools help you to know the number of people searching for relevant keywords in your industry. Carefully analyze based on the volume of traffic to find out it is worth targeting.

Once you find the right keywords, use each while creating content for various webpages, which will help you rank with time.

Focus on your Unique Selling Points as a Business

Every business has a competitor that is probably doing great. Therefore, your business is no exception. To stand out among the rest, you have to use your unique selling point and make sure it aligns with relevant keywords.

As simple as it might sound, it has a great impact on your business. Therefore take advantage of your uniqueness to create loyal customers.

Don’t over-optimize your Website with Keywords.

Keywords are important to help your business outrank your competitors, but if you optimize, then it becomes harmful to your website. When you take the time to read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, they are clear about content writing. They specify that all your content should be user-friendly.

On the other hand, using many keywords makes the content unfriendly, and in turn, Google will push your pages backward. The goal is to make the content easy to understand for readers and the Google crawlers.

Interlink your webpages and ask for Backlinks

While starting with your business, it is nearly impossible to get backlinks. Therefore, you can start with various interlinking pages on your site. Make sure that the content has a connection rather than doing it randomly. After that, when you grow your authority in that niche, you can ask other businesses to backlink.

 Apart from generating sales, you create trust with your clients, which is beneficial in the long run.

Make sure your Business Website is user-friendly.

The ability to use your website determines how many users will stick around. While creating a business website, make sure it easy for customers to navigate around. You also have to be clear with the words you use. The call to action should be precise and concise. Finally, make sure that the website is mobile-friendly because most of your customers use their smartphones.

Having a written site creates awareness of what readers are expected to do hence converting them to customers. While creating content, you can different types of heading to make the content visible.

Be patient and Aim higher.

Once you have put all the measures in place, you have to be patient. It takes approximately a few months before Google or other search engines pick your site. Nothing happens overnight, so you have to aim higher and be consistent with what you are doing. However, SEO practices keep changing overnight, and what worked yesterday might not work today.

Luckily, for a business with a hard time tracking its progress and implementing various SEO practices, Navelee creative will help you out. We are a full-time Content Writing and SEO powerhouse designed to help small businesses connect with their clients.

Regardless of your budget, locality, and the business industry, we are equipped to help you develop a strategy that works for your business. Once you set your aim, we are here to help you achieve it.

Why Choose Navelee Creative

I wish I had a longer story to tell why you should choose us, but I only have facts. We guarantee using our services will enable you to reach your customers, generate new sales leads and increase your revenue.

At Navelee Creative, we assure you of transparency in all the services we offer. We do not promise overnight success while using our SEO Strategies for Small Businesses, but we assure you that you will consistently see the result. We are in the game for the long run, and we understand that the internet has won.

Therefore, the internet needs content. We assure you are creating quality, engaging, and converting content that will stay evergreen in the year to come. Choosing Navelee Creative establishes you as the future authoritative business. As long as we are implementing SEO strategies to make sure you earn revenue, we also consider the future.

SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

The present is filled with opportunities, but the future bears opportunities beyond our imaginations. We provide a strategy that will ensure your business wins now and stay relevant in the future. All the campaigns that we execute are based on the data. At no point do we try to convince you to use a strategy if it is not fully satisfied with our Small business SEO consultant. Let us help you create SEO Strategies for Small Businesses.



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